Prepared Papas: 5 Things a Dad Should Know About Pregnancy

Congratulations, you’re expecting! It’s no secret that having a baby is one of the most exciting times of life. But it’s also full of challenges.

This is as true for dad as it is for the new mom. After all, being a father isn’t easy. There’s plenty to learn and understand as you provide support for your partner during the pregnancy.

In this article, we take a look at 5 things a dad should know about pregnancy. Keep reading to learn some crucial tips to help you through this time as you prepare to have a family.

1. Having a Baby Isn’t Like in the Movies

Let’s be very clear about something, having a baby in real life isn’t like it happens in a rom-com. Sure, there can be plenty of silly, sweet, and funny moments, but there’s so much more to it.

When your partner is pregnant, she’s going to experience physical and emotional changes that you think you’re prepared for, but really is full of unexpected surprises. And not all of these surprises make for camera-ready moments.

2. Be a Good Listener

As a man, you have to learn to listen. In fact, this might be your greatest contribution to the relationship. Listening is an art form. And it’s vital to not only listen to what she’s saying but to also hear what she’s not saying.

The experience of being pregnant can feel overwhelming. So she needs to feel seen and heard and to know that you are there to learn on. 

3. You’re In this Together

She might be the one who is pregnant, but the two of you are on this journey together. This is a team effort. Be prepared for plenty of stressful moments, but try not to let them drive a wedge between you. 

Working as a team will make the experience that much better and will help deepen your love for each other. 

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4. You’re Both Beginners

No one can really know what it’s like to have a baby until it happens to you. It can feel scary for both of you. And overwhelming. And you might feel like you’re unprepared. 

Remember that it’s ok to feel that way. When it comes to being parents, you’re both beginners. We encourage you to embrace that feeling and make the most of the experience.

5. Limit Your Expectations for Sex

When it comes to sex, every pregnant woman is different. For some, it increases their sex drive. While some may lose their desire for sex during the pregnancy. Just try to keep communication open and realize that these months will pass quickly, and then the physical intimacy of your relationship will return soon enough. 

Things a Dad Should Know About Pregnancy

The truth is that having a baby is both exciting and scary. There’s so much to learn and do before the baby arrives. This list of things a dad should know about pregnancy will help make these months as special as possible.

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