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Qualities Of A Good Criminal Defense Attorney You Should Always Remember

Criminal defense attorneys are for the defense of criminals, or individuals that are accused of a crime. They have a challenging job to do. With this task, it’s easy to note that criminal defense lawyers have an essential role. It’s the right of every individual to have a fair trial and to be heard before a final conviction. The criminal defense lawyer is the individual responsible for this task.

To be able to qualify a criminal defense attorney as a “good” one, there are certain qualities and skills that the lawyer must possess. Below are some of these universal traits that you should look for in one:

1. Has Good Communication Skills

Lawyers should have excellent communication skills. This is a natural requirement, as they’re going to be doing a lot of talking in the courtroom. They’re given the difficult task of proving to the judge that their client, the criminal, is innocent. For this very reason, having a good criminal legal attorney on the defense is all the more important. Apart from speaking, excellent communication skills should also encompass listening skills as well. The lawyer knows how to listen well to what their client has to say regarding the circumstances of the case. This can spell the difference in actually finding loopholes in the circumstances that can prove that the criminal is, in fact, innocent.

2. Integrity

A good defense attorney is an honest one. They don’t sugarcoat anything, nor should they be lying. In the legal profession, it’s imperative to speak of nothing else but the truth. A good lawyer should keep in mind that they’re dealing with the rights of individuals. One lie can unjustly put another person at a disadvantage. 

More importantly, an excellent criminal defense attorney should also be honest enough with their clients. By this, it means that they’re transparent about the possibility of either success or failure, especially when they’re on the defense of a person accused of a crime. If the client is indeed guilty, then the lawyer should be transparent about this to the client that the evidence of guilt against them is strong. But, despite this, the lawyer does their best to still provide the best possible result for their client.

3. Excellent Analytical Skills

An excellent criminal defense lawyer has an analytical mind. When a client walks in their door and gives them the details of the circumstance, the lawyer should be able to analyze the circumstances to come up with their pleading or defense. In so doing, the lawyer also takes into consideration all the possible points of view. By this, it means that they also take into account the view of the alleged victim or complainant and the prosecutor, so they can clearly define the limits of guilt or innocence in criminal law.

4. Deep Research Skills

While criminal defense lawyers have already spent years completing their craft, this doesn’t mean that they don’t need to do any more research. Whenever they’re presented with a new case or client, one of the very first steps that the lawyer takes in preparing for the hearing is to research the viability of the events. Part of this research also involves delving deeper into what the law says about the specific crime of the defendant.

In so doing, the lawyer can strengthen the case and the defense of their clients.

5. Perseverance

When you’ve already started to get to know a lawyer, take the time also to observe their level of perseverance. This is visible in the manner that the lawyer prepares for the case of their client. Do they always look prepared whenever you meet? Do they have all the necessary documents ready and on time?

In the legal profession, there’s no room for laziness or mediocrity. Lawyers are paid well, but also work long hours in exchange for this. Hence, a good lawyer should be one that’s worth the amount you pay. As in fact they put in the work, and even so much more, than is required to get the job done.

6. Profound Negotiating Skills

As a criminal defense lawyer, some clients of the attorney are inevitably the guilty party. When this is evident, note that it’s the job of the lawyer to not resort to lying. Whoever is guilty should be dealt with accordingly by the law. The whole point is not to turn guilt into innocence.

But, because of the excellent negotiating skills of the lawyer, they may be able to bargain or plea for a lower penalty. In some cases, this is the best that a lawyer can really do. You know that you’re dealing with a good lawyer when they’re able to haggle and negotiate well with the judge and with the victim’s party.


Long before reading this article, you may have regularly asked yourself, what makes an excellent criminal defense attorney? Should you find yourself or your loved ones accused of a crime, how would you filter through the many lawyers in your locality today? Apart from the usual standards of skills and certifications undergone, it’s important also to look through the characteristics. Keep this list of pointers in mind as you filter through all the possible criminal defense attorneys in your local area.