Five Ways To Stay Cool While Working Out

With summer just around the corner, working out is about to get a whole lot sweatier. Gone are the days of layering just to stay warm; soon, you’ll be shedding clothes and trying your hardest simply to avoid overheating. In hot Summer weather, motivation is low and even thinking about working out has you breaking a sweat. But no matter what the heat index, there are ways to keep your body cool and the excuses at bay. Whether you are exercising outdoors in the hot sun, or indoors and with intensity, there are simple tricks you can incorporate in your daily workout to keep your body temperature in the safe zone. Here, five essential cooling tips for keeping cool while working out:

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

This crucial step cannot be missed. Throughout the day, sip on water to keep your body hydrated and running efficiently. By not waiting until you are thirsty to grab a glass, you will keep your body hydrated throughout the entire day. When the time comes for a workout, you will be well hydrated, able to sweat effectively, and keep your core at a healthy temperature. Additionally, while working out, keep a water bottle with you, filled with ice water, to insure that you stay well hydrated and cool throughout your sweat session. Add lemon and a pinch of high quality sea salt to your water for added health and hydration benefits.

Keep a spray bottle handy

This refreshing and energizing tip is most handy for the gym rats among us. Grab a mini spray bottle, fill with ice water, and keep it handy to spritz yourself with a spray of cool water when you feel yourself becoming overheated. Add a drop or two of peppermint essential oil (just don’t spray near your eyes!) for an extra dose of lasting cool.

Wear the right clothing

If you are working out hard and sweating to show for it, a cotton shirt will do nothing for you. Instead, look for moisture-wicking, breathable bamboo fitness apparel. Bamboo is a natural fiber that is made for hot weather workouts. Aim for lighter colors and a looser fit to really keep your cool.

Slather on that SPF

Making sure your skin stays well protected is key. If you have a sunburn, your body loses its ability to cool itself. Wear a hat to further protect yourself from the sun’s harmful—and hot—rays. Consider a loose-fitting, long sleeve shirt for added protection.

Go for the water

Try your hand at something new! Maybe it’s simply swimming laps, or maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to play water polo or surf. Either way, turning your workout into something new and adventurous, and in the water, will keep you motivated, inspired, and most of all, cool, no matter how high those summer temps soar.