Revitalize Your Eating Habits with these Top Foods

Foods fall in and out of favor, but that doesn’t mean you should chuck them by the wayside and eliminate them from your diet. Being healthy is all about balance. However, you also need to keep your mind open to new foods, be it a new way of eating them or trying a food you have never heard of before. Avocado has been a huge hit in recent years, and it is incredibly nutritious, yet it has a bad rep as being the food the Millennials. This has caused people to wrinkle their noses in disgust, ignoring that it is, in fact, incredibly good for you when eaten in harmony with good exercise and besides a healthy and nutritious diet.

Many of us, though, are complacent with our diet. It’s time to revitalize our eating habits and experiment in the confines of our own kitchen.

Gut-Friendly Foods

Fermented foods have been rising in popularity for a couple of years now, with pickling and preserving reaching the mainstream and becoming a popular trend in 2018. Inspired by Asia, such as Japan and Korea, people are adding kimchi and miso to their foods for an Asian twist that is both delicious and healthy for your gut. Pickling isn’t difficult to do, and anyone can do it.

Hawaiian-based Foods

You’ve most likely heard of poke bowls, which is essentially deconstructed sushi. You can customize your poke bowl, however, usually, it is white rice topped by raw fish such as salmon or tuna, with avocado, seaweed, tomatoes, all topped with a dressing. Poke bowls are great for lunch ideas or a hearty but nutritional dinner.

High-Protein Meals

Looking towards plant-based protein is proving popular, with chefs, both professional and amateur, are including tofu, tempeh, and quinoa in their recipes more. Veganism as a whole is on the rise, and swapping out chicken for protein-enriched pulses is both prevalent in and outside of restaurants, with meat-free Monday having a mass appeal. However, if you struggle to meet your daily requirements of protein, companies such as Shake That Weight offer diets that are high in protein to help enhance your body.

Less Structured Meals

It used to be breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with perhaps super for nights when you’re peckish. However, this is becoming less routine, with brunch and brinner making appearances across the board. If you’re craving scrambled eggs on toast at 6 pm, it’s no longer a strange meal choice. Restaurants are also jumping on the ‘all-day breakfast’ bandwagon, with breakfast and brunch being many people’s favorite meal of the day.

Flavored Salt

Salt is getting an upgrade. You can now indulge in rosemary-infused sea salt or even lava salt. You can buy the salt or, if you have the spare time, make your own. Salt can be infused with any flavor, and you can sprinkle it on avocado toast, roasted vegetables, eggs, popcorn, soups, and stews. You can even place it on the rim of cocktail glasses or even on brownies!