How HGH Helps In The Menopausal Phase

Women face a lot of aging problems and much differently than the men folk. When a woman faces HGH deficiency, she may start noticing changes in her body like reduced muscles, thinning of the skin, osteoporosis, lack of sexual drive, wrinkles, fat etc. HGH therapy can reverse signs of aging and cure the menopausal symptoms and in some cases even eliminate them completely.

Menopause is indeed unpredictable and females have no idea as to what to expect, guessing that their perimenopause may last as long as their mother’s. After a year of no menstrual period, perimenopuase phase is actually over and women are believed to have entered the menopause period.

A lot of women find themselves facing unpleasant symptoms of menopause and doctors prescribe some of them to go for HRT while others look for natural herbs and supplements. A very few realize that taking HGH supplements can reverse the symptoms of menopause. Let’s take a look at how HGH can help women.

HGH and menopausal phase

The level of HGH falls after the age of 30. Also, about 5 to 8 years before menopause, women experience reduction in estrogen and progesterone level. During the menopause phase, there is a considerable drop on women testosterone. According To Dr Josh Levine from A1HGH ,  a reduction in hormone is actually responsible for manifestation of menopause symptoms. So taking natural HGH supplements can help women to attain lowered hormone level and build muscles fast as well as lose that superfluous fat in no time.

Further, women complain of headache, vaginal dryness, insomnia, irritability, reduced libido, hot flushes when they reach the menopause time. HGH therapy battles all these and much more with ease.

Low HGH level is also linked with slowed up healing process from surgeries, wounds and injuries. Women who have undergone surgeries report shorter recovery time compared with those who have not.

Building muscle mass

As we age, it actually becomes too tough to lose the belly fat and grow lean muscle mass. You will in fact hear a lot of women over 40 complaining that their muscles seem to turn into fat. HGH in such times can stop this from taking place. Menopause often leads to memory issues, mood swings and problems with their mental clarity and mind. HGH therapy has indeed shown to reduce all these issues and a lot more. A lot of studies have also shown that HGH therapy helps in regeneration of the brain cells.

Case study

There is a case study of a 54 years old lady who testified to reversal of aging and the ability to stay away from menopause symptoms with the help of HGH therapy. She stated that she used HGH injections at dosage 2 IU each day for 2 years. It is a fact that the lady was recognized by her medical professional as a woman of 45 years though she was 10 years older. The dosage was taken for 6days a week in small dosage of testosterone and it offered great improvement in amelioration of the menopausal signs and symptoms.

Fights insomnia

It seems to prove that as we age, sleeping problems like insomnia becomes part of life. Some women say that they feel tired during the day due to poor sleep at night, others give other reasons. Women who use HGH say that they sleep longer and have deeper sleep as well. This then translates into more energy and stamina during the day time.

Sexual drive

Women reach the sexual peak when they are in the late 30s. However by the time females reach the menopause time, they complain of dryness, lost sexual interest, low sexual stamina and lack of libido. The best part is that HGH has shown to reverse all these signs of aging and sexual disinterest.

So, if you are actually tired of facing the menopausal symptoms, it is advisable that you start taking HGH supplements that are safe and natural so that you enjoy the benefits soon.