Save Resources and Time – Hire Medical Record Scanning Service

One of the biggest challenges for physicians is to deal with the massive amount of medical records in their everyday lives. These records comprise of very important medical billing records such as patient registration forms, EOBs, encounter forms, insurance cards and medical charts.

Piles of all such documents demand a lot of storage space. And unfortunately, you can’t even dump these old documents, as you or your physician medical billing services provider, like will need to access these records for insurance follow-ups; patients may also ask for these old copies of their medical records.

Above all, these medical record documents are very important from legal aspect and need to be treasured for up to 10 years at least. So, you can imagine how many boxes of documents will accumulate and it will need more and more space over time.

So, where would you store all these documents? Storage option like a basement, which is not in compliance with HIPAA, isn’t a handy alternative.

Looking for a document storage solution? Read on.

Digitization is the need of the hour

One of the most practical and economical physician billing solutions is to digitize, meaning scan, paper documents and save them in an electronic storage. So, whether you have stacks of documents of last one, two or three decades, you can store them all at one place, and interestingly it won’t take even a small area of your office space; the digitized documents will be saved over the internet. Scanned documents can be retrieved easily and quickly, as and when needed by your staff.

Now the billion dollar question that might have hit your mind is, “Do I or my staff need to scan all boxes of documents on own? Won’t it affect our business and put us on a battle with time?

Does Outsourcing Medical Record Scanning Make Any Sense?

Well, certainly scanning and maintain these records on own will negatively impact your practice. You may struggle to find enough time to focus on patients’ care. And thus, the best way to do this is by outsourcing the scanning of your medical records to a professional Physician billing services provider firm.

You just need to browse the web to find a good medical billing company in your city. With a single phone call, the company will send its professionals to pick up all paper copies of medical documents. These billing companies scan documents into secure severs to ensure privacy of patients’ information, and the documents are indexed properly by their billing specialists to ensure fast retrieval. There are several ways documents can be indexed – by patient’s date of birth, by patient’s name or account number.

Once all paper records are scanned, you can certainly discard them and utilize the saved space for other purposes. You can view scanned medical records at your place through a secure web portal, which you can easily access via internet browser.

The billing company typically provides you with secure login credentials, so only authorized personnel can have access to those records. With digitization of medical records, not only you can securely view the records from multiple locations but you can print the records.

Outsourcing medical billing saves you space, time, efforts and money.  Yes, you are saving a big chunk of money that would have been spent on a high speed scanner, a file server with tremendous storage space, a software database, and a full-time technician to scan documents and operate the system. Outsourcing your document scanning to a professional medical billing company not only makes it simple but cost-effective as well!

Author Bio: Donna Whipple, Psy.D. is a clinical psychologist and a medical billing service provider with over 30 years of treatment and management experience. She has a wealth of experience in the field of psychological testing, supervision, cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy