Self Conscious About Your Smile? Your dentist has your back.

Self Conscious About Your Smile? Your dentist has your back

According to Mother Teresa, “Peace begins with a smile”. No one is more capable of understanding this statement than someone who is not comfortable smiling freely.

A simple smile can literally make someone’s day and for the person doing the smiling, the act elicits genuine internal positive emotions. However, some people , either by circumstance or accident, may find themselves unable to do this simple act.

It is the desire for the perfect smile that makes the cosmetic dental market a thriving, billion-dollar industry. Clearly, a lot of people are in the market for cosmetic help to reconstruct their smile. It is not just A-list Hollywood celebrities either, average people find the need for cosmetic surgery as well.

Dentists offer a variety of options ranging from typical surgical adjustments to those aided by advanced technologies. In any case, customers just want to ensure they leave the room with the best smile available and they usually choose the procedure they believe is best suited to achieving this.

Actually, the most frequent cosmetic dental treatment is teeth whitening but veneers are another popular option. Veneers are lightweight, custom-made shells that are intended to close spaces or conceal stained teeth, especially when they do not react well to whitening procedures. They also come as useful replacements when your teeth may have been damaged in an accident or have been removed due to oral health issues. People also do dental bonding, which is an alternative to veneers to repair a broken tooth, chipped tooth or cracked teeth. For an alternative to dentures, persons also get dental implants. The effects of these cosmetic features range from semi-permanent to permanent. Therefore, if you plan to get any form of cosmetic dental surgery, it is advisable to do some sort of consultation before making a final decision.

You should also keep in mind that most dental insurance plans do not  cover dental procedures they deem to be cosmetic. Your desire to whiten your smile or fix slightly crooked teeth, is not enough to satisfy the insurance companies to take out the big bucks. The truth is, most adults who injure their teeth do so from playing sports. Anyone, regardless of how vigilant they are, can have a tooth break or crack at any moment and they can even be caused by auto wrecks, accidents at home, and workplace injuries. The best news is that, do not actually have to live with a smile that embarrasses you or even a smile that you simply don’t like.
It should not be too difficult to find a cosmetic dentist if you do need to proceed with actual surgery. Remember to consult first and compare service offerings if you can because investing in your teeth can become quite an expensive expenditure. Your new smile is truly only one appointment away.