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Should I Take AHCC?

If this year has taught us anything, it is that your immune system plays a crucial role in keeping us all safe.

Now more than ever, the types of vitamins and supplements you can take have come into the spotlight as people are looking for every way possible to protect themselves from getting unwanted viruses.

Research is very quickly showing that having a strong immune system is one of the best ways to stay protected from illnesses and disease. There is a range of ways to give yourself a strong immune system. This includes exercising, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, having a strong hygiene routine, and taking supplements to give your body an extra boost.

Many are actually saying that taking AHCC is a great way to give your immune system some extra strength. Who would have ever thought that taking a mushroom in a supplement form could do so much good for your body!

But, of course, with anything that is new that comes out into the market, people do wonder what the AHCC side effects are and if they are worth it. 

To help you decide for yourself, we are going to do a bit of a deep-dive into exploring what AHCC actually does for the body and any possible side-effects you should be aware of.

What is AHCC?

AHCC stands for active hexose correlated compound. This is made from shitake mushrooms being crushed down and the natural elements of it being extracted to form an AHCC supplement. In short, AHCC basically acts as an antioxidant—much in the way that fruit does to the body as well. AHCC is very much considered to be an alternative medicine but has been shown to help your body recover and defend itself against a range of viruses that include cold and influenza. Some research is even showing that AHCC can reduce side effects from chemotherapy, which is revolutionary to cancer study. 

How does AHCC help the immune system?

But how does a shitake mushroom extract actually help your immune system? One study has found that AHCC raises the number of dendritic cells your body produces—which is a key ingredient in a strong defense of your immune system. There have been other studies that have shown that AHCC prevents certain cancer cells, such as ovarian cancer cells, from taking over the body. While the research is still quite new, AHCC is showing promising results so far to really is a miracle worker!

But is AHCC safe?

Because AHCC is still relatively new to the medical world, there are not enough long-term studies available to really show a holistic picture of this therapeutic. However, so far, some side-effects can include feeling bloated, tired, or crampy. This is because each body reacts differently to AHCC. So if you think that AHCC is something that you want to consider trying for yourself, you should consult with your doctor first and have a look at what else your body is currently dealing with. This way, you are better set to mitigate any negative side-effects that could come with AHCC—which is a risk with any sort of supplement or therapeutic drug you give your body.

Where can you get AHCC?

AHCC is actually already available at a range of health food and supplement stores and online. AHCC is served in capsules or gels. This goes without saying that before purchasing, you should one-hundred percent first chat with a medical professional to see how to incorporate AHCC into your daily routine.

This is an exciting new prospect that has hit the radar during a unique period of time in which personal health has never been more of a hot topic of discussion. There really is no better time to try and increase your own immunity!

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