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  • Health and Wellness Author Teams Up with Registered Dietician to Release New Line of Family-Friendly Vitamins

    The majority of Americans do not follow a healthy eating pattern. Approximately one-half of American adults have at least one preventable chronic disease according to the Oregon State University.  Many Americans are not meeting micronutrient requirements, but are exceeding their caloric needs.  The National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (NHANES) reported a high prevalence of […]

  • Why People Should Take Vitamins Every Day

    Living a long, happy, and healthy life starts with taking vitamins every day. The human body needs support from vitamins, which ensure a smooth operation and provide strength and energy. Vitamins are naturally found in various fruits, vegetables, and nuts, but getting all of those vitamins is nearly impossible every day. By taking vitamins on […]

  • Jason Hope Anti Aging Longevity

    Jason Hope: A Thought Leader in Longevity Research

    Researchers have worked for years to provide solutions that will help humans live longer and healthier lives. Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, and investor with innovative ideas that could move this research forward. Hope is fueled by a passion for technology and giving back to his community. He grew up in Tempe and […]

  • metformin drug recall

    An Introduction to Vitamin B: The Wonder Vitamin

    Vitamin D is important, as is Vitamin C and Omegas, but there is one important vitamin that people are NOT talking about, and they should be. B vitamins, and more importantly, B vitamins for women’s health. We’ve all heard about how vitamin D is good for building strong bones, and how Evening Primrose oil will […]

  • What is IV VItamin Therapy?

    IV vitamin therapy is a treatment that can quickly administer nutrients into the bloodstream. By injecting vitamins and minerals into the body, patients can potentially boost their immune system while rehydrating. What Is The Purpose of IV Vitamin Therapy? IV Vitamin therapy is a new type of treatment that has a variety of health benefits. […]

  • Should I Take AHCC?

    If this year has taught us anything, it is that your immune system plays a crucial role in keeping us all safe. Now more than ever, the types of vitamins and supplements you can take have come into the spotlight as people are looking for every way possible to protect themselves from getting unwanted viruses. […]

  • Why Should You Take an Herbal Nootropic?

    People taking nootropics is not big, surprising news. It is so commonplace now that most people wouldn’t bat an eye if they heard someone mentioning them. They are essentially just like any regular old supplement now. The only thing of real importance, however, is what kind of nootropic you are talking about. You’ve got synthetic […]

  • 5 things you need to know before buying multivitamins

    Assessing multivitamin requirements Before heading down to your local health store or supermarket to stockpile a stash of vitamins it is important to assess if you really need them. If you are already in good health and have a generally healthy lifestyle where you eat a cross-section of nutritious foods they may not actually provide […]

  • When Is It The Best Time To Take Prenatal Vitamins?

    Preparing for the arrival of a baby is one of the most precious moments in our lives, and we take all of the precautions to make sure everything goes smoothly. While super healthy foods for pregnant women do exist, sometimes it’s not easy to reach the recommended nutrient intake.  For added support, expectant mothers are […]