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Should You Be Taking Bladderwrack For A Healthy Metabolism?

Your metabolism controls how the body uses calories to produce the energy that keeps the body running seamlessly. It is also what controls your breathing and digestion, and it plays a key role in the absorption of nutrients. Therefore, it should be obvious why it’s so important to maintain a healthy metabolism.  

You can maintain a healthy metabolism by staying active and eating right. Including the right supplements in your diet can be helpful as well. One supplement that is known for supporting a healthy metabolism is bladderwrack. The name may sound a bit unusual, but read on to find out why you will want to make this strange sounding algae a part of your daily routine.

Bladderwrack is a type of brown algae (a type of seaweed) typically found along coastal regions of the United States and Europe. It has been used as a fuel and food source around the world for years. It is known to be rich in iodine, supporting thyroid health as well as providing several other potential health benefits.

Because bladderwrack supports thyroid health, it is extremely beneficial to metabolism. The thyroid gland is a vital part of the body located at the front of the neck. It secretes hormones which stimulate the metabolic system, breathing, body temperature and heart rate. An overactive thyroid can result in fatigue and abnormal weight loss, while an underactive bladder can cause sluggishness and an inability to lose weight.

One of the most critical nutrients for the thyroid is iodine. Iodine is sadly lacking in many Western diets, but including the bladderwrack as part of your daily routine may help to boost your iodine intake for the support of a healthy thyroid and metabolism.

But a healthy metabolism isn’t the only reason you will want to include bladderwrack in your diet. It also provides the following potential benefits:

    • Promotes a healthy hormonal balance
    • Supports a healthy internal response
    • Supports healthy mineral levels
    • Supports liver health
    • Boosts the immune system
    • Supports joint and cartilage health
  • Supports digestion

Bladderwrack can be taken in supplemental form and can also be purchased as a powder that can be used to season stews, soups, smoothies, salads and more.

Your metabolism is responsible for so many bodily functions. Keep it healthy by exercising regularly, eating right and making sure bladderwrack is a part of your daily routine. Then look forward to enjoying the improved quality of life the supplement will provide.