Qigong – A Comprehensive Guide of Health Benefits

Physical exercise brings plenty of health and mental benefits. However, some types of exercises seem to be superior to others. While physical exercises surely improve mental health in all of their forms, certain activities seem to bring more fulfillment and mindfulness into the practitioner’s lives. Qigong is one of those superior forms of exercises that promote better physical health and boosts mental well-being significantly. The practice has been refined by thousands of years of practice and has been brought to the west by Taoist and Buddhist monks. It is based not only on moving the body, but also the energy – Qi.

Thanks to its immense benefits, thousands of people worldwide have come to know this practice and appreciate it at its real potential and value. But let’s see the objective reasons why this practice has become increasingly popular across the world.


Who is Qigong the Most Suitable For?

This type of practice seems to be the most appreciated by office workers, elders and patients with chronic conditions. These categories usually struggle to take part in any sort of exercising and are physically restricted by their conditions. However, Qigong is a low-impact type of activity which is highly suitable for these categories. Given the fact that this type of exercise is highly accessible to anybody and is extremely easy to learn and comprehend, this is a perfect type of activity for multiple individuals.

Improved Function of the Internal Organs

Qigong is one of the few exercises out there that not only promote overall better health, but they also allow specific targeting of the organs and different body parts. Certain Qigong styles offer incredible body alignment benefits. Walking Qigong, for instance, promotes better health in those suffering from cancer and who are going through radiation and chemotherapy. In traditional Chinese medicine, the energy that reaches the internal organs travels there through the external parts of the body, the extremities. Certain movements involved by this type of exercise stimulate the meridians of the body and thus, the internal organs. Those suffering from a series of conditions rely on this type of activity to soothe their aches and pains and decrease the discomfort created by said conditions.

Promotes Better Muscular and Joint Health

Considering the fact that qigong involves ample movements of the body, it is proven to promote better health in joints and muscles. The movements will open up the body, which makes them incredibly useful for all office workers that experience stiffness in the body. The sequences of movements involved by qigong are actively involving the muscles and joints. This boosts the general health and blood flow in all the key areas for a better muscular-skeletal system.

The practice itself focuses on effortless strength, which, as opposed to traditional exercising methods, doesn’t put a strain on the joints. This type of exercising is comfortable and highly approachable.

Prevents and Heals Injuries

One of the main qigong benefits identified by physical therapists and experts in the field is the exercises’ healing properties. Besides, it allows the entire body to relax, while working the stabilizing muscles. This eliminates the chances of suffering from an injury during daily activities. A relaxed body is less likely to suffer injuries. Generally speaking, tension is what causes muscles and joints to suffer injuries. Fluid movements (like the ones involved by Qigong) are less likely to lead to accidents.

By allowing the functions of the body to improve, Qigong is promoting an active recovery to any previous injuries suffered by the practitioner. The sequences involve gradual and subtle movements, which aid the lymphatic system to clear out the waste from the injured areas.

Better Vascular Functions

While the sequences are not high impact, the dynamic movements allow the lymphatic system to improve its functions. Furthermore, the blood flow in both arteries and veins is also improved. Qigong promotes better cardiovascular functions. Besides, those suffering from cold hands and cold feet on a frequent basis will be able to correct this matter with the help of several qigong sequences.

Stress Relief

There are multiple studies that show that stress is closely linked to a series of health conditions. In fact, stress is proven to promote the accelerated development of those. Qigong is offering major stress-relief benefits to all practitioners. The combination of sequences of gentle movements and a keen focus on breathing is everything that it takes to eliminate stress from our daily lives. Also, this type of exercise is mainly focused on mindfulness and balance, calm and it successfully disconnects us from our daily lives and stressful situations.

Promotes a Better Sleep

Given the fact that qigong actively eliminates stress and relaxes the body, it naturally promotes a better sleep in all practitioners. People attending qigong classes are proven to have an easier time falling asleep and maintaining a proper sleep pattern throughout the night. Some major focus of this type of exercising falls on body awareness. As the practitioner becomes increasingly aware of their bodies, they become able to control their sleeping patterns easier.

Qigong and Meditation

We mentioned in the beginning that qigong has immense meditation benefits. It promotes relaxation and creates alertness in meditation. The meditation attributes of qigong are mainly given by the deep diaphragmatic breathing that is actively practiced in the sequences. A series of studies have shown that a focused breathing pattern can bring the body into an alkaline balance state which also promotes relaxation and better health.

When our bodies enter a relaxation and meditation state, we are less likely to make poor decisions and we are not living in a continuous fearful state.

Qigong seems to bring plenty of mental and physical benefits to all those practicing it. Considering the fact that many individuals are restricted from involving in regular exercises due to various conditions, experts recommend this type of activity as reliable and effective one that promotes better cardiovascular health, muscle and joint state and improves ones’ meditation abilities significantly.  Being informed and researching the practice is the first step to better overall health.