Sick and Tired of Debt: 5 Ways Your Money is Affecting Your Health

There is no question that having a mound of debt hanging over your head each month has an effect on your lifestyle. However, there is a hidden downside to being in deep dept that is not often talked about. Debt also has a negative effect on your emotional and physical health. The sooner you make the connection the faster you can take steps to improve your financial situation and feel better.

Too Much Stress

As you go about your day, periodically your mind may become distracted by your current money problems. There is always a worry in the back of your mind about the huge bills that come each month. In addition to the normal survival expenses that you must pay including mortgage, rent, electric, insurance and auto bills, there are those additional expenses to consider. Credit card bills are a constant issue. Credit card debt is a major money pit for many people.


If you have a family, there is always something that a family member needs that requires spending money. Your stress level goes up when kids need items for school or a major repair needs to be fixed quickly. The stress can really wear a person down.

Lack of Sleep

Being in debt causes so much worry it affects your sleeping habits. Experts say that the average person needs at least a good eight hours of sleep each night. It can be hard to sleep through the night when you are worried about keeping up with all the bills. The stress can give you temporary insomnia. Once awake, it is hard to get back to sleep.


It is common to become depressed over debt problems. It may feel like you have sunk into a situation that seems impossible to resolve. Depression makes a person feel helpless and alone. This is a serious problem that has an impact on all aspects of your life.

Poor Eating Habits

Your appetite may change for the worse. Being in debt means that you are likely to cut corners on food choices. You may eat more fast food and unhealthy snacks to save money.

Unhealthy Coping Outlets

Some people cope with debt problems by engaging in unhealthy behavior. This could include increased drinking, doing drugs, gambling and arguing with family members.

Debt can be a contributor to all sorts of health problems. Begin the healing process by consulting with an experienced firm such as Thompson & DeVeny Co. about financial remedies.