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  • The Health Benefits of Box Lunches

    The Health Benefits of Box Lunches

    An employer wants each person working for them to be healthy, and one of the ways that they can help their team be healthy is by providing them with lunches. There are many health benefits that go along with giving employees box lunches while they are at work. Box Lunches Help Eliminate Stress Those who […]

  • 9 Ways Yoga Can Help Lower Your Stress

    In today’s busy world where so many are overwhelmed, people are seeking to find ways in which they can feel calmer and more relaxed and one technique that some are using is yoga. For many years now, yoga has proven to be a highly effective methodology for healing many ailments such as bad posture or […]

  • Why You Don’t Smell Good

    You might not smell it, but everyone else in the room does. You stink, and it is time to do something about it. Fortunately, the way you smell isn’t something you are born with. You have complete control over the aromas you emit, which means a few lifestyle changes should have you smelling your best […]

  • Tips to Maintain Healthy Skin After 40

    Now that you have entered your 40’s, you need to show an extra concern for your skin. If you are a big time smoker, forget all of that–smoking , alcohol, drugs and everything. Marriage, kids, relationships, workload, there is already enough to manage, and you are left with very little time to care for yourself. […]

  • Secrets of Fibromyalgia: Newest Studies on This Elusive Disease

    Affecting from one to five percent of Americans, mostly women, fibromyalgia is a condition that is widely misunderstood by both physicians and patients. Far more than the widespread pain and magnified pain, fibromyalgia can cause significant health problems. Fibromyalgia interferes with the lymphatic system and contributes to lymphedema. The trigger point muscle contractions can make […]

  • Six Ways to Improve your Fitness During Retirement

    Old age doesn’t mean you need to stop doing the activities you love. However, you may need to make some changes as to how you go about your fitness routine. With these six tips, you can improve your fitness level even as you age. Don’t let the world slow you down! Stay Hydrated Drink plenty […]

  • Pet Perks: The Science Behind Animal Therapy

    Animals have been part of the fabric of human life for at least 15,000 years. Archaeological evidence indicates that the dog has been a herder and hunter along with humans since the Paleolithic era. The therapeutic value of this relationship cannot be overstated as research into animal assisted therapy indicates. Pet therapy is on the […]