Four Tips For Preventative Dental Care You May Not Know About


No one wants to take a trip to the dentist, especially to deal with major dental issues. These visits can be costly and traumatizing as well. As with all things concerning your health, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Take the following four tips for preventative dental care that you may not know about. You’ll make it through your dental check-ups with flying colors and only need to come in for your regular cleanings.

Baking Soda: An Effective Alternative for Toothpaste

Baking soda is a versatile ingredient that is beneficial for you teeth. Put baking soda on your toothbrush every day for a non-abrasive cleaner that will actually make your teeth brighter as well. It also is alkaline. As a result, it helps kill the bacteria that develops in your mouth on a daily basis. Many toothpastes are actually harmful to your teeth, so abrasive that they can actually wear away your enamel. Baking soda is sufficient protection.

Use Parsley for Fresh Breath and Healthy Teeth

Rather than use gum or mints, try a sprig of parsley when you want to add a sweet scent to your breath. You’ll keep your teeth cleaner, steering clear of cavities in the process, and give your body essential vitamins. With more vitamin C and A in your diet, as well as calcium, you’ll protect your teeth and your body.

Make a Natural Mouthwash to Keep Your Teeth Cleaner

You can always go the organic route when you want to freshen your breath with a mouthwash. Take a teaspoon of lavender, peppermint, and rosemary and blend them thoroughly. Place one teaspoon in boiling water and allow it to brew. Strain out the liquid once it has cooled and use it as a rinse to effectively eliminate bacteria in the mouth, promoting dental health along the way.

Use Strawberries to Polish Your Teeth

Get your daily dose of strawberries and you’ll have cleaner teeth. This lovely fruit can get rid of stains once and for all. Mash them and put the paste on your teeth to have a natural whitener. Not only will your teeth benefit, you’ll get vital antioxidants in your body as well.

Try natural remedies and your teeth will reap the benefits. Take tooth care into your own hands and you’ll be surprised at what a difference it can make. Some stains and issues can require professional help, nonetheless. You can look to services such as Avalon Dental teeth whitening to make a huge difference in a short amount of time, but you might want to try these various natural remedies, too.