Simple and Effective Ideas to Halt Hiccups

In most cases, hiccups come immediately when somebody has just finished eating. This is usually at home or places where you are alone hence the main reason of feeling less embarrassed. Have you ever thought of experiencing hiccups at public places e.g. office or public forums where you are expected to give a speech? Under such circumstances, hiccups can turn to be embarrassing thus call for quick remedies. As an individual, which method have you tried to halt any form of hiccups? It is very rare or impossible for somebody to claim that he or she has never experienced hiccups. If you are looking for effective ideas on how to get rid of The Hiccups, consider applying any of the highlighted techniques below:

  • Taking Sweet things may appear simple but it is one of the best techniques of controlling hiccups. The idea behind sweet stuffs like sugar is that they are graininess thus can easily irritate the esophagus thus triggering resetting of all phrenic nerves. The method has proven to work to some extent besides having no proof for backup.
  • Eat little bit of peanut butter in order to tamper with breathing patterns. This interruption mainly occurs during chewing and getting the butter out of your tongue and teeth. The method is one of the classic remedies to control fully any form of hiccups.
  • Take a sip of hot sauce as you are interested with the heat and burn generated from it. Once heat and burn are felt, your body will focus on them thus forgetting anything to do with hiccups.
  • Press hard the palm of your hand using the thumb of the other hand where an alternative is to squeeze your left thumb’s ball which is between the right forefinger and the thumb. Any form of discomfort felt should act as a distraction to affect the entire nervous system. In return, all hiccups are put into rest and it is advisable to do the exercise under the table where nobody can realize.
  • Try to pinch your ears for 20-30 seconds or just press soft areas behind your earlobes to send a relaxing signal throughout the entire body via vagus nerve which connects to the diaphragm. The effects of such pressing aim at changing your body’s focus thus forgetting anything to do with hiccups. You may find it hard to do this in public places but always try to get a way of excusing yourself.
  • By ensuring there is nobody around, consider sticking out your tongue. In most cases, singers and actors are the ones who often conduct this exercise which aims at stimulating the opening between vocal cords also known as glottis. Hiccups are usually caused by spasms which are in-turn quelled through smooth breathing.
  • Enjoy taking a little honey stirred in warm water. After preparing the honey, put it on the back of your tongue and swallow. The reasoning behind taking honey is to tickle the vagus nerve which in the long-run gets rid of hiccups.
  • Try eating yummy chocolate which should be in powder form and then mixed with either Ovaltine or cocoa. It is not easy to swallow even one spoonful but get encouraged as it short-circuits the hiccups.
  • Always breathe slowly and deeply by inserting your mouth into a small paper bag. Stop immediately you start feeling light-headed due to increase of carbon dioxide level in the blood. As a result, the diaphragm contracts more deeply to generate more oxygen thus stopping spasms.
  • Consider chewing a little dill which is simple as it has a pleasant taste. The seeds offer a traditional remedy of getting rid of hiccups as swallowing them stimulates the vagus nerve.