Smoking Tea: Did You Know

Herbal smoking is something that is only growing in popularity thanks to its natural ingredients and distancing relationship with tobacco cigarette smoking. There are even herbal blends used throughout the world to help tobacco smokers quit for good and adding years to their life. The herbal makeup is just as important as how it is packaged which is why it is good to use natural ingredient rolling papers as well. Some come with ink or other pressed preservatives inside which can have a polluting effect on an herbal cigarette. Companies like Kush Herbal Wraps make the paper out of hemp to provide an all natural container for your tea blend before it is set afire whereas Raw chooses to brand all its hemp based products around the fact that they are completely organic. These papers even come with flavoring and other natural ingredients like fruit or honey to add additional flavor to the herbs.

Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages on this earth. Millions of cups are consumed daily for the effects of the drink from its caffeine kick to the cleansing power of its ingredients. Did you know that you can smoke herbal tea blends too? That is right smoking herbal tea blends is nothing new but it is something which is becoming more popular throughout the world. Teas contents can be inhaled instead of sipped, allowing masters of the plants to create blends of herbs and teas for whatever sort of effect you are looking for. Let’s take a look at some of your options and the teas that power them!

Marshmallow Leaf and Clove Tea:

When you hear marshmallow you usually aren’t thinking tea but that is wrong!  This leaf is actually a powerful herbal plant which helps protect your lungs and gut. Marshmallow’s makeup can treat inflammation of your stomach lining, constipation, and even urinary tract issues. The plant can also treat the common cold, help fight off a cough, and fights bacteria that can lead to viruses. Meanwhile, clove is a popular ingredient in many medicines and supplements. You can even apply it directly to your gums for a toothache. Clove in the form of tea or oil made from dried leaves and stems can be taken for similar ailments as marshmallow such as stomach aches and indigestion. Together these herbs can be combined into an herbal cigarette without and tars or toxins like an over the counter cigarette.


Spearmint leaves are known for their health effects in blood circulation, relaxation, and aroma. Often used in teas or chewing gum, a spearmint herb to smoke can be quite pleasing to taste and smell while allowing you to absorb a lot of the plant’s positive effects at the same time. Spearmint has been used for decades to treat things as simple as bad breath to acting as a relaxing agent thanks to its soothing effects.


Tea made with chamomile is one of the most popular varieties of hot tea in the world. Smoking herbal blends of chamomile can be used as a sleep aid, allowing users to get a better night’s sleep without the use of prescription pills. The herb is used often for postpartum women looking to sleep better after giving birth. Chamomile’s other benefit is that it can help monitor your blood sugar level. The properties of the herb can prevent damage to the all-important pancreas which produces insulin for your entire body.