Thanksgiving By the Numbers


More than half of the calories we consume on Thanksgiving come from carbohydrates. This means, on average, we eat approximately 563 grams of carbs on Thanksgiving—nearly one and a half times the recommended daily intake.1

If you’re already using Plexus Block to help block absorption of up to 48 percent of carbs and sugars at mealtimes, Thanksgiving is a normal day for you.* Remember to take your Block and you’ll be set.

If you’re not using Block, you may want to consider stocking up. When taken before Thanksgiving dinner, Block will help control the amount of carbohydrates and sugars absorbed into your blood stream and maintain blood sugars—helping you avoid a sugar crash.*

Thanksgiving isn’t just about binge eating. Time-honored traditions make Thanksgiving a favorite among many. From shopping to football to the Macy’s Day Parade, see how these traditions add up.