That’s How You Can Treat And Prevent Shoulder Pain [Infographic]

Shoulder pain can affect anyone at least once in a lifetime. You may develop it due to chronic stress, poor posture and unhealthy eating habits. Moreover, an hour of playing guitar or talking on the phone might also lead to discomfort. 

You should definitely see a doctor in case of a recent serious injury. If you experience occasional common joint pain, consider trying some home remedies. Here is how to manage chronic shoulder pain at home:

Do stretches

People with chronic shoulder pain should not do weightlifting since it may lead to some devastating consequences. However, they should stay active and go to the gym at least twice per week. 

If you don’t have an opportunity to hit the gym from time to time, do stretches at home. All you need to do is to nod your head and turn it from one side to another.

Take pain medication

To ease pain, you can take some medications such as aspirin or acetaminophen. It will not help you to solve the problem completely, but at least it will allow you to sleep well during the night. 

You may also want to try some pain-relief gels such as diclofenac (this one is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration). 

Prevent shoulder pain

If you want to stop experiencing shoulder pain, start leading a healthy life. For instance, stop smoking, make sure you have a balanced diet. Also, rest after every intense exercise. 

If you want to learn more about this common joint problem, check out the infographic provided by Kemper Medical.