Simple Ways To Boost Intimacy In a Relationship

We all dream of meeting someone truly special. Someone who will take us on an adventure when we feel hopeless. Someone who will hold us tight when we are cold. Someone who will comfort us when we are worried.

The chances of meeting someone like this are pretty low. The thing is that no one will know so much about us from the very beginning. However, it’s possible to develop this level of intimacy and keep it high throughout the years.

According to a survey published by, intimacy is one of the biggest priorities in a long-term relationship (passion goes right after it).

Intimacy is emotional closeness; it requires mutual trust, acceptance, and caring. We are intimate with our partner if we are not afraid of showing them who we really are, what we’re afraid of, and what worries us. Being intimate with someone means being ok with showing your vulnerability.

Intimacy is one of the greatest things that people in loving relationships can have; it gives them a chance to relax and get support.

Some couples lack intimacy due to falling into a pattern of routine, constant fighting or a bunch of responsibilities that take all free time. If you have the same problem, consider following these guidelines to keep the spark alive:

Spend time together

People in long-term relationships don’t always understand what it means to spend quality time together. Going shopping with your partner or sleeping in one bed is not the same as going on a trip together or signing in a karate class. You should do something together outside of the house. Find an activity you both want to do. It will make it easier to increase intimacy once you are in sync!

Also, this new hobby should not only serve as a ‘time killer.’, but it should also actually excite both of you. This way, you will have a chance to shake up the routine.

Have a meaningful conversation

Besides the shopping list, nasty colleagues and possibly kids, what else are you discussing with your loved one? Once in a while, you should go on a date and speak about your feelings, dreams, and hopes. You and your partner should be able to express themselves without being afraid of judgment from their partner’s side.

It’s important to allow yourself to open up and let the other person show their vulnerability. We work very hard to look confident, be responsible and act wisely. But next to your partner you should not wear a mask, you should be yourself.

Also, you need to talk about your relationship more often. Whenever something worries you, tell this to your partner straight away. Don’t accumulate negative feelings since it might lead to devastating consequences such as break-up.

Psychologists recommend starting statements with ‘I’ instead of ‘You.’ Don’t blame your partner for everything; just let them know how their particular words and actions make you feel and try to explain your reasons.

Become a secret admirer

To boost intimacy in your relationship, you should show your partner that you love and care for them. To do that, you need to become their secret admirer! Pay attention to your partner, their needs and desires.

If you know that their day at work was unbelievably difficult, put effort into making their day a little bit better. For example, you can pick them up from work, make dinner, or give a foot massage.

Support your partner

If you want to improve your relationship, start supporting your partner in all their endeavours. You should always try to understand your loved one and their reasons and be there for them if needed.

Have an honest conversation with your partner and tell them that you are on their side no matter what. Let them know that you also want them to support you. Judging your partner for everything they do and say simply kills intimacy.

Intimacy can be developed and increased in case two individuals are interested in doing so. So, don’t be afraid to be yourself, show the good, the bad, and the ugly. There is no sense of being with a person you don’t trust. A loving relationship should be an island where you can relax and restore your energy.