The Best CBD Oil for my Anxiety and Sleep!

Are you anxious? Having trouble sleeping? Well, I’m not surprised. Many of us are at this time. It feels like the world is on a knife’s edge. We are in a global pandemic – the economy is not doing great and we are worried about our nearest and dearest. Masks are now part of our everyday attire and working from home is the norm. In these unprecedented times we are hearing of an increase in mental health issues and many people are finding themselves more anxious than ever with the future being unclear and no timeline on when things may return to “normal.” Truth is, this may just be the new normal and so we need to think of ways to manage increased levels of stress and anxiety and find ways to help us get to sleep. One solution that I wanted to talk about here is CBD and what I found to be the best CBD oil for my anxiety and sleep

CBD oil is getting a lot of buzz, perhaps because more people than ever now need it and so are talking more about using it, but from what is being written it appears to be working! Of course, everyone is different and so what might be your solution, might not be mine, but I thought I would give it a try and write about my experience below. 

Firstly there are many CBD oils for sale to pick from and they all come in an old school apothecary bottle where you pipette a few drops into your mouth.  It’s quite hard to know which one to pick or what the differences are between all the brands so I ended up going with a friend’s recommendation – Paso – she said it was the best CBD oil for her anxiety of all the one’s she tried. Paso sells a range of CBD products in addition to their CBD oil drops including chocolate and gummies, but I started with their lowest strength (3.3%) CBD oil drops. Their CBD oil drops are made from broad spectrum CBD this means that in addition to the CBD it contains other minor cannabinoids such as CBG. It is believed that the presence of these other cannabinoids alongside the CBD makes the CBD work more effectively. This is good to note when you are exploring all the different brands so look for a broad spectrum as opposed to CBD isolate. 

Their drops are natural in flavour so there is a very light taste of hemp which apparently becomes more pronounced the stronger the drops you get. But, if you do decide you want to go with a higher strength one, such as 10%, and you don’t love the taste of hemp they have flavoured oil sprays that mask the taste! 

I was trying out CBD oil for sleep so an hour before I went to bed I dropped 5 drops under my tongue. [They suggest 5 – 10 drops on their packaging, but it is hard to know the perfect CBD oil dosage for sleep as every person is different. I’ve tweaked this over time and depending on the day or my headspace will up or lower the dose as required.] Paso suggested that I hold the drops under my tongue for a minute before I swallowed which apparently means more of CBD is absorbed by the sublingual artery under your tongue making the drops work more effectively. I then clambered into bed, grabbed my book and waited expectantly! When I turned off the light to sleep, my head hitting the pillow I immediately dozed off. I awoke the next morning feeling incredibly well rested.  This was really a big deal for me as I have not been sleeping well recently. So the rumours are true and I now use my CBD oil before I sleep every night. A true advocate! 

Please share your CBD stories in the comments below. Does it work for you? What do you find it helps with? What have you found to be the best CBD oil for anxiety?