The Age of Fitness

The age of fitness is upon us. When a person dedicates themselves to being healthier and more proactive with their fitness, many great things will start happening. Professionals in the industry like Helen Lee Schifter use their platforms to create a non-judgmental wellness space. Many consider fitness and health a traumatic topic. However, once the stereotypes are knocked down and one realizes that all bodies are beautiful, lives can change.

Fitness is not about losing weight. Maybe for some, that’s a part of their fitness journey. However, it should not be the ultimate goal. With this new age of fitness, people shouldn’t be judged based on their body weight or durability. Fitness should be a fun, lighthearted activity to just help promote healthier habits. No matter a person’s size, fitness is achievable. Taking a brisk walk or doing a few sit-ups is already more than a person did yesterday. Fitness Isn’t about what we see in the mirror it’s about how we feel on the inside. When a person wants to have a healthier body, fitness might be for them. Helen Lee Schifter knows the pressures of society but never lets it past her string mindset. It takes dedication and perseverance to start a fitness journey.