The Best Hospitals in the U.S.

Best Hospitals in the United States 

The United States has some of the best hospitals globally. Father George Rutler is a famous distinguished Catholic priest. According to Rutler, the following are the top ten hospitals in the US.

Mayo Clinic Hospital Rochester, Minnesota

Mayo clinic hospital offers exceptional patient care. It is ranked one of the top hospitals in the US because it offers integrated group practice, world-class medical education and research programs, patient care services, workforce training, and community outreach programs that are modeled on the Mayo brothers’ philosophy.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital Boston, Massachusetts

This hospital has some of the best research facilities globally in the field of cancer treatment. The Brigham has 1,075 beds for patients specializing in cardiology, orthopedics, neurosciences, etc. It is a tertiary referral hospital serving nearby communities with fewer high-quality healthcare providers.

Ohio State University Medical Center Columbus, Ohio

Ohio State University Medical Center has 1,410 beds and is considered one of the biggest hospitals in America. It provides patients with primary care facilities at the Wexner medical center, ranked among the top 5 primary care facilities by US News & world report.

New York-Presbyterian Hospital Manhattan

The Manhattan-based hospital performs hip replacements every day; it also carries out over 14,000 surgeries each year with an annual budget of $700 million. The hospital’s emergency department gets approximately 67,000 visits per month, making it one of the best emergency services in America, with staff working 24/7 to give quick attention where necessary.

University of Michigan Hospitals Ann Arbor, Michigan

The hospital is well known for its comprehensive care services, including cardiology, cardiac surgery, cancer treatment, neurosciences. The hospital works in the fields of addiction medicine and psychiatry, providing patients with affordable care options.

Massachusetts General Hospital Boston

Every year, the MA general hospital gets over one million patients. It offers primary care services at Brigham & women’s collaborative practice and medical training facilities for ongoing conferences held throughout the world.

UCLA Medical Center Los Angeles, California

UCLA medical center provides emergency service 24/7 to give immediate attention where necessary. The facilities offer specialized treatments, particularly in neurosciences, heart disease, etc., making it a world-renowned center for research and treatment.

Yale-New Haven Hospital

This hospital is located in New Haven, offering patients with primary care services to give quick attention. It has 886 beds where it carries out over 31,000 surgical procedures every year. Its emergency department gets over 70,000 visits per month, making it one of America’s best emergency service hospitals, with staff working 24/7 to ensure quick response time when needed.

Stanford Hospital & Clinics

Stanford hospital specializes in cardiology. The hospital’s emergency department gets approximately 67,000 visits per month, making it one of the best emergency services.

University of Chicago Medical Center

The University of Chicago medical center offers patients with primary care services. It is ranked among top American hospitals for its facilities that are recognized globally, offering specialized treatments in cardiology. It is also a globally renowned research center. These are the top hospitals in the United States according to Father George Rutler.