The Best Types of CBD Oil that you should take for Pain

Using cannabidiol (CBD) oil has long been a hotly debated subject. With so many people divided in their opinion over its practical use and safety, it’s been difficult to procure it in the past due to strict laws and regulations. However, with more and more states legalising cannabis itself and lifting tough rules on the use of CBD oil, it’s never been easier to purchase. And with more and more research emerging which back up its potential use as a painkiller, more and more people are turning to the oil to numb their agony.

But how does it actually work as a painkiller, and what are the best types of CBD oil that you should use? Don’t worry, we’re here to tell you just that.

CBD is one of a variety of different compounds found in the cannabis plant, the same plant from which the recreational drug marijuana is derived. However, CBD doesn’t create the same “high” that other compounds from the plant do, which is why researchers claim it can have a variety of pain-killing effects on the body.

So what are some of the best CBD oil for pain? Read on to find out in our list below.

  1. Nature’s Landscape’s Hemp Oil 500mg 1 Fl Oz. This oil is commonly associated with being one of the best tasting on the market. A lot of people tend to be put off using CBD oil because of its taste, but with this oil being administered via a springy peppermint flavour any worries in this department go out the window. It contains 500mg of hemp oil, and tends to work best with common aches all over your body. It’s also been found to be a great help if you are having trouble sleeping at night.
  2. Premium Organic’s Hemp Oil 1 Oz. If you suffer from joint pain on a regular basis and can’t find another cure for it, this CBD oil is definitely the one for you. There are plenty of reasons to purchase this oil, one of which being the very fair price you can get it for. You are also able to administer it daily, giving you regular pain relief- we all know how stressful joint pain can be, so sorting this quickly is often key. If you take it daily each bottle should last you a whole month, and its anti-inflammatory ingredients will have you back on the move in no time.
  3. Sigmund & Djordis’s 1000mg. If you’re looking for a CBD oil which will benefit both your physical and mental health, this is one you should definitely consider investing in. While it’s a great pain reliever in the same way a lot of oils are, it’s also been found to be very effective in reducing anxiety in people who use it.

Advanced Therapeutics’ Hemp oil 500Mg. If you suffer from arthritis and need greater pain relief, look further into this oil. While a lot of oils provide generic pain relief, this one is really tailored to reducing the symptoms of arthritis and can keep pain away for around 8 hours after it’s taken. It has great anti-inflammatory features and could be a real asset to your medicine cabinet.