The Bob Caputo Living Well Cookbook: Reinventing the Joy of Cooking

There are cookbooks aplenty by authors of great fame and others of relative anonymity. But there is no cookbook as accessible – there is no cookbook with as great an emphasis on health and wellness, as strong a commitment to delicious food and nutritious meals – as The Bob Caputo Living Well Cookbook.

I write these words because it is a joy to read Bob’s words: It is an honor to view his videos and explore his site, Bob Caputo Living Well, where he applies the interactivity of one medium to the dynamics of another; where he makes a cookbook – where he makes his cookbook – available as an electronic book, with all the rich imagery and ingredients necessary to combine great taste with sound nutrition; where he makes cooking fun, not laborious; where he shows us how to highlight flavor, health and simplicity.

These benefits are important because the best way to improve your diet (without dieting) is to transform your meals into sources of superior ingredients, nutritional balance and practicality. Meaning: You need not do something radical – you need not subject yourself to foods you do not like and dishes you do not want – when you have the chance to live better – to live well – by cooking your favorite meals.

It is this sense of simplicity, along with Bob Caputo’s sensible personality, that proves how creative you can be in the kitchen, how inventive you can be with health and nutrition, and innovative a book can be – how innovative this book is – thanks to a passion for wellness.