The BPC 157 Patch and You

The BPC 157 patch is a convenient way for individuals to increase the amount of BPC 157 in their bodies without having to resort to injections. BPC stands for Body Protection Compound. BPC 157 is thus a compound that naturally occurs in the body and is responsible for promoting muscular health and other significant aspects of wellness.

Scientists have recently discovered that BPC 157 can improve the rate of tendon healing by increasing tendon outgrowth, cell survival, and cell migration. Ligament healing is another positive side effect of BPC 157 in the body. Thus, athletic communities and medical practitioners have worked on discovering new ways to boost the amount of BPC 157 in the body in a healthy way. At present, there are two ways this can be done: injections and patches.

Injections vs. Patches

When someone injects BPC 157, they need to carefully measure how much of the liquid they place in a syringe and then carefully inject it directly into a vein using the needle. This means you can control just how much goes into your body, but there is large margin of error. If you mess up, you can seriously damage your body. But what are the positives? Well, you can directly place the BPC where you want it to go and don’t have to worry about the patch falling off!

When you use a transdermal patch, you apply a material to your body that slowly releases a controlled amount of BPC 157 into your body. This means you get an even, steady flow of the body protection compound without having to worry about consuming too much or messing up an injection. The only downside is that the patch might fall off, but it can be very easily placed back on the body.

In general, professionals recommend using patches if you’re interested in using BPC 157 because they are simple and contain almost no margin of error.

Conclusion – Which Patch Should You Use?

After a careful review of all of the products on the market, the best BPC 157 patch that you can use is the Ageforce BPC-157 Body Protection Compound Patch. This is because the patch sticks well to the body through thick and thin, provides a reasonable amount of the substance, and can be ordered in bulk so you never have to worry about running out. Why would you use anything else?