The Dangers of Contaminated Water and Air

For most people living in the United States, having access to clean water is not something we think regularly about. After all, most of our water supply comes from lakes or wells, and water supply companies in the area have processes in place to ensure the water is clean and safe for drinking.


But even with a commercial water supply, it’s still important to know the dangers of drinking contaminated water. After all, you may find yourself needing to drink from a stream while camping, or you may simply wonder if your water supply is actually as clean as possible.


The true is that even if your water comes from a “trusted” source doesn’t mean it’s actually safe. Sometimes water companies stick to the basic minimum when it comes to “cleaning” water, which means that the water you’re drinking and washing with could still have bacteria and chemicals in it. Before you trust that water supply, consider the dangers of drinking contaminated water.


Contaminated water can house diseases.

Contaminated water can house anything from harmful bacteria to pesticides to E. coli. If you drink contaminated water that has any of these items, you are putting your health at serious risk. Harmful bacteria can cause a variety of different illnesses depending on the bacteria in the water. E. coli can make you severely ill and can also be fatal if not treated immediately or appropriately. Pesticides also contain a variety of harmful chemicals that can do major damage to your digestive or nervous system, causing anything from diarrhea to death.


Contaminated water can cause a variety of digestive health concerns.

When you drink contaminated water, it will travel through your digestive system, and any of the contaminations in the water can do major damage to your digestive system, including your throat and your stomach. Common symptoms associated with drinking contaminated water can result in nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and cramps. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms after drinking questionable water, get to the hospital immediately.


Contaminated air can cause a variety of nervous system health concerns.

Although contaminated air is more likely to cause illness or damage to your lungs of course, it can also have a negative impact on your nervous system as well. Once the contamination from the air, like spores and bacteria enters your body, it can also enter your blood stream, which allows it to travel to other areas of your body, including your nervous system, which could result in dizziness, seizures, blindness, or even a loss of motor skills. If you experience any strange symptoms, get to the hospital immediately. Various providers can eliminate hazardous air concerns through whole house ventilation systems.


Instead of putting your body and health at risk, you can instead opt to. Installing a water filtration system in your home will remove more harmful chemicals and bacteria from the water you use every day, making it much safer for consumption and better for your health. If you will be camping, invest in a travel water filtration system so that you can clean the water from the sources you find while on your trip.