The Facts You Should Know Before Heading To Migraine Surgery

The occurrence of recurrent and unbearable episodes of headache accompanied by other dreadful symptoms is known as migraine. It is a neurological disorder which is more commonly seen in the productive ages that is between 18 to 55 years of age. The intensity of headache, as well as the symptoms, varies from person to person. However, nausea, puckish feeling, and photophobia are the major ones.

Although there are a number of therapies available today which can help you get rid of the migraine, everyone is not responsive to the therapies. For them, migraine surgery is the last option to consider.

Yes, you don’t have to live with migraine forever as migraine surgeries could help getting rid of them to a great extent. Generally, it has been observed that after surgery the long-lasting episodes of migraine attacks seizes and the patient can live a normal life.

So if you are also thinking to give migraine surgery a serious thought you need to take heed to certain facts which are related to it.

Do You Really Need The Surgery?

Generally, people who experience headaches every now and then confuse their pain with migraine. Sometimes due to continued stress due to workload or excess of traveling headaches became prominent and long-lasting. Therefore a proper diagnosis becomes essential to qualify for the migraine surgery. A number of tests and examinations are done to prove that your recurring headache is migraine.

Also, migraine surgery is considered as the last option by the doctors. If you are really not responding to the conventional methodologies and medications you can opt for migraine surgery.

Even though, there are many places you can figure out but need to explore thoroughly before heading to the best one. You just get to seek the expert’s suggestion on that occasion. Migraine surgery specialist in AZ might be your best option among the mazes of preferences. It has an excellent record to help the solution for long-term relief.

Are The Medications Causing Side Effects?

No matter how simple it seems, a surgery is a complicated and very intricate process. Migraine surgery although is considered effective, you might end up getting the pain again but with less severity. Migraine surgery is not a sure shot way of getting rid of migraine completely. It could come all over again.

So head for the surgery only if you are on severe painkillers and your medications are showing side effects on the body. Surgery defiantly didn’t treat it but make the intensity less severe and less frequent.

Types Of Migraine Surgeries

Before proceeding for the migraine surgery you must consult the doctor about the prospective methodologies present for doing it. There are different types of surgeries which are conducted for migraine. These are:

Pain Blocking– The nerve which causes the pain is detected and tiny electrodes are placed around it under the skin. By giving electric pulses the nerves are stimulated so that it can stop the signals to pass through the brain.  

This surgery is conducted in two phases. If the brain shows effective results with the first session, another is performed after a few days.

Nerve Release– this is another highly effective treatment for the migraine where the targeted nerve is worked upon. With the help of general anesthesia, the scalp is made numb and small incision is made to reach the targeted nerve. It is done with the help of endoscopy, therefore, the chances of getting positive results are high.

The patient might get small scar or wrinkle in the operated area. However, these visible marks are far better than the excruciating pain of migraine.

The Risks Involved In Migraine Surgery

Surgery, as we said, is a complicated process, therefore, the risks involved are also copious. However, it is not necessary that every patient will get the side effects of surgery but knowing them beforehand is better.

While some people encounter bleeding from the area where the surgery is done, some complain of getting the headache back and with the intensity just like before. The healing might takes a lot of time in some people depending upon how their body responds to the treatment. Other than these nerve injuries are the most common risk involved with migraine surgery.

What About The Recovery Time?

Although the surgery didn’t take much time and the patient might leave the clinic after a day, the recovery takes little longer. Depending on person to person the recovery time may range from few days to few weeks. Generally, it takes 2 weeks to completely recover from the surgery. The swelling subsides after few days and bruises take more than one week to heal properly.

Things To Consider For Aftercare Measures

Since the surgery is done in the head you would be advised to take rest for a couple of days. Reading or working on the computer might strain the brain and is, therefore, should be restricted until you feel comfortable.

Lifting heavy objects or performing hardcore exercises should be stopped completely for few weeks. If your migraine gets triggered due to the intensity of light, sound or too much stress you still have to avoid them completely for a couple of months.


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