The Four Immediate and Harmful Effects Drug Use Has On the Body

From cocaine to prescription medication, various illegal and legal drugs take a major toll on the body. Although they have dangerously addictive side effects, these drugs also have equally detrimental side effects to the body. Not only do illegal drugs have fatal risks, but prescription drugs and other drugs deemed legal can also cause harm to the body if overused. However, even with many risks involved, drug abuse have common side effects.

1. Increased Heart Rate

Stimulant drugs, such as cocaine, cause the heart rate to increase. When the heart rate increases, the blood pressure increases as well, which can cause a heart attack even when the drug user doesn’t have a heart disease. The fast-paced blood rush in the body can also harm other organs and cause damage to the arteries. With an increased heart rate and high levels of energy, the side effects of stimulant drugs can create irregular sleeping patterns as well.

2. Slower Brain Functions

Drug users who take depressants can experience delayed brain functions. When the brain functions slow down, this can cause depressant drug users to lose focus and become dizzy. Fatigue is also a short-term side effect of depressant drug use. However, when the drug users become addicted to depressants, this can inflict long-term effects and is important to visit a drug rehab to prevent these difficulties.

3. Weakened Respiratory System

Drugs, such as heroin and Vicodin, can cause the respiratory system to break down. This results in pulmonary issues for the drug user, such as pneumonia. However, there are different respiratory damages that occur depending on how the user takes a drug. For example, if a user snorts cocaine, it can cause damage to the nose and sinuses and result in nasal perforation.

4. Hallucinations

With some drugs, such as hallucinogens, the physical and psychological aspects of the brain can be damaged. In the psychological area, the user can experience hallucinations, such as hearing voices and seeing images that don’t exist in reality. Drugs that cause hallucinations can also cause the user to have delayed reactions and difficulty in interpreting situations. The user can also suffer through depression, paranoia, and violent mood swings when using drugs like hallucinogens.

With the numerous severe side effects, drug addiction can be a fatal condition. It’s important to find an addiction recovery center if drug abuse is apparent. When it comes to drug abuse, it can take a toll not only on the body, but also on loved ones of the drug user. Visiting a drug rehab can be a beneficial first step to curing