The Rise of Eye-Lift Surgery

The Pandemic is doing the beautiful woman no favors. Most of us are stuck hiding our faces behind a horrid mask. Yet, according to the UK Mirror, beauty brand Pall Mall notes that they saw an increase of 167% in eye-lift procedures after mandatory masks were introduced. Eye-lift surgeries mean undertaking a risky operation that may go wrong, but many women don’t see a problem with that. Risk and reward factor into these calculations, of course. Some see excessive recovery time as a price they’re willing to pay for beauty. The adage of beauty at any cost might ring true in this case. Yet there are some apparent reasons for this increase in the incidence of eye-lift surgeries.

Why Are These Surgeries Now So Popular?

Refinery 29 notes that eye-lift surgeries are among the most popular procedures undertaken during the pandemic. Some experts claim that this may be because face masks obscure most of the rest of our faces. Eyes are still visible, and so women opt for the procedure because it’s the only part of their beauty they can show off. Other suggestions come from doctors that notice we spend a lot more time looking at our own faces through screens. Remote working and teleconferencing have made it so that we’re hyper-aware of our own eyes. Thus, the push is there to make them look as good as possible.

Dark Eyes, Bags, and Puffiness Need to Disappear

Since masks have become most of our faces, women have had to readjust their facial feature priority. Before, women would spend hours on their noses and lips to look just perfect for going out. Now, while they’re outside, the only thing anyone can see is their eyes. There are no other features to distract from puffy or swollen eyes, dark circles, or bags under them. As a result, they’re turning to surgery as a viable method to manage the problem. Yet there are alternatives to going under the knife.

Before deciding to do eye-lift surgery, you may want to make sure you need it. Minor cosmetic changes like crow’s feet can be dealt with efficiently without relying on surgery. Companies like Injectable Academy focus on methods dealing with Botox injections to make your eyes seem less weary. LED and ultrasound treatments are also options that a woman can consider to avoid facing surgery (and a potentially significant recovery period).

What Should We Expect?

While no one is sure when the coronavirus pandemic will dissipate, we can be sure that mask-wearing will be around for a while yet. Because many women are already undergoing the procedure to significant effect, there’s likely to be the same or even more investment into eye-lift surgery. Other women who are squeamish about surgery for cosmetic needs have the option of LED/Ultrasound and injectable treatments that are just as good. However, they may need to be repeated ever so often. The cosmetic industry will welcome this growth since it may be one industry that remains recession-proof during the pandemic.

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