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The Main Advantages of Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns are the type of dental crowns that you can order on your teeth if needed. While there are a few drawbacks to them, crowns from this material are often chosen for a range of great advantages. If you wish to find out what they are to decide whether you need to opt for porcelain crowns or not, just keep reading this article. 

What Is Porcelain? 

We will give you some interesting information on this material so that you could have a better understanding of what it is and for which purposes it can be used. Porcelain is a ceramic material made of two main components, including kaolin (China clay) and a silicate mineral. It is used in building, electronics, decoration, and other industries. 

The Advantages of Crowns Made of Porcelain 

Now, you can read the main reasons why porcelain crowns are so popular. 

Natural Look 

The very first advantage and the main argument of dentists why you should use this type of dental crown is that it provides an amazing look of your teeth. Such crowns will not be distinguished among other teeth in your mouth. Therefore, they are often chosen for front teeth. 


Such crowns come at reasonable prices. In particular, they are much cheaper than those made of gold or silver. It is possible to find crowns that cost even less, for instance, resin crowns, but they will not last that long. So, eventually, you will have to pay more and come back to your dentist sooner. 


From many aspects, such crowns are considered safe. This advantage is particularly important for those who suffer from an allergy to metals. However, you should be aware that a chipped crown may cause discomfort. 


While porcelain itself is not the most durable material, it can be combined with metals to ensure a long-lasting effect. However, it is worth noting that metal parts can affect the look of the porcelain crown. If you do not chew lots of caramels, gums, or stuff like that, your porcelain crown will likely last for 5-15 years. Some people have even reported that they used their porcelain crowns for 30 years.