The usefulness of CBD oil for dogs

The study and research into CBD benefits have been evolving over the years and a lot has been known about its usefulness and benefits if applied properly. Medicine also is known as cannabidiol, is equally useful for humans and animals. Especially suitable for dogs, this medicine can do wonders in treating their medical issues. Most importantly, this medicine has not been found manifesting any side effects among pets. 

The CBD products are now in high demand as experts believe that these can be potential alternatives for treating arthritis and cancer in humans and dogs. Now that it is useful against these deadly diseases, CBD treatment for pets is now being developed.

How safe are CBD treatments for dogs? 

CBD is a product extracted from the cannabis plant, which is often associated with the production of marijuana. It is a nom psychoactive derivative that has health benefits when applied following proper guidelines. There is another chemical present in CBD products, known as THC, which causes a mind-altering effect. It is found is very little amounts in many CBD products, increasing their medicinal qualities. However, this chemical doesn’t produce any psychoactive effect on animals and humans. Additionally, CBD is safe to be used for animals because it’s non-toxic. Even if it is consumed in high amounts, it won’t cause death. The most common side effects found in animals after consuming CBD products are sedation or too much appetite. The CBD products get digested quickly when consumed by cats and dogs, so there are low chances of CBD overdoses. 

 CBD Oil vs. hemp oil for dogs

There are two products that people get confused with. However, these have considerable differences as to their origin and effects. 

Both oils come from hemp plants, but are produced by different parts of the same plant. Hemp seed oil is extracted from the seeds of the plant, whereas CBD oil is extracted from the leaves and stalk. Apart from this, both differ in areas of their applications and components too. The former is generally used as a nutritional supplement whereas the latter has more cannabidiol, finding its application in treating health problems. 

This indicates that both are great for your dog, but the latter is more effective. Not only with the CBD products help your pet with its digestion and sleep, but it also will treat its anxiety and chronic pains. 

What is the usefulness of CBD products in dogs?  

People have been using CBD oil and products for their pets for the following health improving properties that it possesses and the fact that Cannabis oil kills cancer cells. A few more are mentioned below:

  • Help reduce stress and anxiety
  • Treats seizures
  • Reduces excessive barking
  • Soothes inflammation
  • Facilitates recovery from wounds
  • Treats mood disorders
  • Reduces aggression towards other beings
  • Relives muscle pains and joint pains
  • Prevents cardiovascular disorders
  • Treats Cancer
  • Increases appetite

What tips should you remember while buying CBD for your dog? 

There are several guidelines you must follow while buying CBD products for your dog. Some of them have been mentioned below:

  • Firstly, buy products that are only developed for pets. 
  • Secondly, make sure the product you choose to buy is of high quality no matter what the price is. 
  • Thirdly, check if the product is entirely organic, devoid of any fertilizers and pesticides. 
  • Fourthly, buy CBD in the liquid form. You can give CBD treats to your pet, but the best way to administer the medicine is in the form of a tincture or oil. This will also help you in adjusting the dosage for your pet. 

CBD Dosage For Dogs

As has already been said, there are very few chances of CBD overdoses in animals because it dissolves quickly and gets circulated in their body. Consult a veteran regarding the dosages for your pet. Generally, they are given 1 mg of CBD per 10 lbs of their body weight. 

What are the ways of CBD intake for dogs? 

Generally, pets can have CBD products in two ways, dog treats or oil tinctures.

You can add a few drops of CBD oil and mix it in his food. This fetches his daily dose of medicine. 

The best way is, however, to give him CBD dog chews. These are produced especially for pets, ensuring you that there isn’t any harmful component in it.  In short, the CBD products can cure a lot of health problems in dogs, helping them fight against arthritis, Cancer, and whatnot. Consuming CBD products won’t cause any overdoses. Even if it occurs, it will cause non-lethal side effects. Also, CBD oil helps dogs fight against cancer, as proved by expert studies. Cancer cells in dogs don’t die out, but the CBD oil induces apoptosis in the cells, thereby eliminating them, arresting their spread. Cancer can cause discomfort om dogs, lowering their appetite and resulting in a lack of proper sleep. As a result, they grow weak. Consuming CBD oil increases their appetite, allowing them to eat and sleep more.