Tips regarding psychotherapy to cope with COVID-19

Tips regarding psychotherapy to cope with COVID-19

The new threat in the market is the ever-dangerous COVID-19 virus. The worst and the most dangerous thing about viruses is that they cannot be seen with the naked eye and what makes the Corona much more dangerous than this is that the symptoms are not seen before a long period. Till then the person has no means to even suspect that he or she may be a carrier to the virus or even be affected by it. All of these reasons have created a sense of hostility amongst people which is just. However, the problems lay in a different region. Some people are not taking it seriously enough, roaming around just like normal days, giving lame excuses as one day we all die while a section of the group is getting too panicky. Panic is only normal at this time, but the limitlessness of the panic is harmful as well. Just like people who are not serious enough can cause trouble, the people who are taking the situation way too seriously keep coming up with irrational ideas to “cure” COVID-19. 

In these moments, people must understand the actual situation and come up with ways to deal with this kind of overwhelming response. The psychotherapist in Toronto has come up with certain methods to keep one’s mental situation in check in such situations of crisis. Below given are some tips to deal with potential mental health fallouts during this period. 

 Tips to keep in mind:

The notorious virus has grasped everyone with its deadly claws equally. Be it the rich or the poor, or the Islamic people or the Christians or the Hindus, be they old or young male or female, all are equal to Corona. In such a scenario, it is only normal to be afraid of it, staying inside, maintaining social distancing and so on. However, one must understand the matter actually and not fret over it irrationally. Psychotherapist in Toronto too is worried about the situation and have been suggesting ways to cope with the madness. There indeed are some ways to maintain your composure even at times like these. After all, you are only hurting yourself and your near and dear ones by acting in lunatic ways and thinking about the situation too much is not helping. So here is a set of things you could keep in mind every time you feel a bit overpowered by the current situation.

Psychotherapist in Toronto suggest that the methods to deal with any kind of such anxiety are quite similar, however, the list contains some strategies exclusive to the current situation. Read along to know more: 

  1. We all know meditating is a great way out of anxiety. In this case, too, Yoga, and deep breathing help you to connect to your parasympathetic nervous system which slows down your heart rate and regulates the anxiety and mental disruption you could be facing at the point. 
  2. Next is to have a breath of fresh air. What is happening is that lest they get affected, people have not only isolated themselves, they have stopped going out completely. This, however, is bad. One needs occasional sights of the outer world. If not that, could easily be enough to drive a person insane. You can walk on your terraces or in your balconies or gardens, backyards and so on but still maintaining social distancing of course. 
  3. For parents, they must keep a check on their children’s mental health right now. They are bound to feel helpless and frightened in such a situation. If you as parents and their caregivers stand by them at such times it would only boost their mental being. What you must do now is listen to them and their problems wholeheartedly instead of interrupting them and providing a solution even before you understand their problem. 
  4. Children too need to get out of their homes. Keeping them confined in their houses is not a healthy solution to the current pandemic situation. They, instead of getting glued to their mobile screens all day, can get out of their houses into their backyards, play outside. But understand that these in no way hamper social distancing. Maintaining a physical distance while building on your emotional bonds is what this lockdown is all about. 
  5. Some sites could help with people’s (especially the youth) mental disruptions regarding the present pandemic situation worldwide. If you contact them, they will get back to you via texts or phone calls, providing you the necessary ways to get out of such lows in life.
  6. Last but not the least, do keep om checking up on the elders and aged people you know. They are at higher risks here as with age, immunity power decreases. 

Even though the virus is quite notorious and spares no one. But it has taught us some stuff too. It has taught us that we all are in it together and must act together. It has also taught us how important time with our family and friends are in our lives since life, after all, is so arbitrary and transient.