Thinking of Buying Stock? Invest in One of These Six Industries

If you’re thinking of buying stock, you’ll want to make sure that your money is invested wisely so that you can receive a healthy return if you ever decide to sell your shares. Certain industries include many companies that are known to feature excellent stock options that often prove to be very lucrative for investors. Buying stock shares in one of these top industries may eventually increase your wealth significantly.


The technology industry is known to thrive even during tough economic times. All of the new computers, mobile devices and other types of equipment that are constantly being developed often increase the values of stock shares. Investing in a startup technology business while it’s still in its infancy may prove to be a very wise decision if the company ends up expanding its operations worldwide (think Microsoft and Apple Inc.).

Consumer Discretionary

This broad category includes nonessential goods and services that add more fun or convenience to people’s lives. Clothing businesses, toymakers and auto manufacturers fall under this category. One of the best aspects of buying stock in this industry is that you can choose from many different types of businesses.

Health Insurance

Even with the ever-changing health care laws, buying stock in a health insurance company can still be an excellent investment. This is especially true when providers that were once private entities become public, which was seen with companies like Health Insurance Innovations. The Health Insurance Innovations professionals who made the decision to go public were likely inspired by corporations like Aetna, Anthem and Cigna that wanted to increase their profits while also providing opportunities for investors.


Makers of new drugs and other medical treatments often allow people like you to buy stock in their companies. The fact that most of these corporations are protected by patents that allow them to earn back their research and development investments provides additional security for stock investors. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are also known to go through frequent mergers and acquisitions, which can further benefit stockholders.


Many utility companies provide service to customers across a wide area and generate a lot of profits, which makes buying stock in them a smart decision. These businesses include electric, gas and water providers. You should invest in a corporation that maintains consistent profitability and is known to pay regular dividends. Utility stocks have proven to be particularly attractive for people who want to earn money to go toward their retirements.

Food Products

Everybody needs to eat, and you can sink your teeth into some additional financial security when you buy stock in food products. The top frozen and packaged food businesses profit handsomely each year and often have stock options that are appealing to investors. There are also leading beverage manufacturers that are publicly traded companies and let stockholders get in on the action.

You can boost your personal profits by buying stock in the right industry. Investing in any of these industries will likely prove to be a worthwhile venture.