Three Natural Ingredients That Will Clear Your Skin

Won’t that pesky acne, dry skin, or blackheads leave you alone? You’ve tried the harsh chemicals; how about you considering using natural forms of treatment? After all, mother nature has given us everything we need to keep ourselves healthy and happy. So, read on for natural ways to get and maintain clear skin.


You’ve probably heard of it by now, and it’s either made you curious or a little suspicious. However, though CBD oil comes from the marijuana plant, it is not smoked or used at all like the plant. CBD is essentially all of the benefits of marijuana without the high. And best of all? CBD oil treats acne. This quality is because of its anti-inflammatory qualities. 

To reap these benefits, look first for quality CBD oil for sale. You’ll want to purchase from a reputable company so that you are sure that the oil is 100% CBD oil. 

Once you find quality CBD oil for sale, find a type that you can mix into your favorite moisturizer. 

After you cleanse your skin at night, apply your favorite moisturizer with the CBD oil added evenly to your skin. You can also take the product orally so that it goes directly to your bloodstream for the other added health benefits. Place a drop of it under your tongue for this. 


It’s tasty when mixed in tea, and Pooh Bear loves it, but did you know that honey has fantastic antibacterial properties? Well, it does! Honey was used during World War I to help heal wounds. If it worked for war wounds, it could work on your acne too. To use honey’s antibacterial properties, you should try it as a face mask. This may mean mixing up your mask with other healing ingredients like avocado or jojoba oil. Or you can use it raw, right on your face after cleansing. 

Leave the honey on for about 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse it off. Be sure to use an astringent because it will stick to your skin. You can also add honey to your favorite face mask and use it according to the packaging instructions. However you decide to use it, it will only benefit your skin. 

Coconut Oil

Your mother or grandmother may use it in the kitchen, but it is also fantastic for your skin (and hair). Coconut oil slows the aging process, so if you’re struggling with wrinkles or dry skin, give it a try – it is a great natural moisturizer.

Coconut oil is also a moisturizing makeup remover. It is best used at night after you have completed your entire skincare routine – this means cleansing, face masks, and any treatments you use. After this, go ahead and add a thin layer of oil to your skin. It will soften the skin and make it plump and fresh in the morning. 

Skin insecurities do not have to last a lifetime. If you’ve tried the expensive and lab-made skin products, maybe now you should take a beauty tip from mother nature. The best thing about using natural products is that they are safe and do what the expensive lab-made skin products only claim to do. Give your skin the TLC it deserves by using one or all of the natural ingredients listed above. These are your gifts from mother nature.