Top 5 DASH Diet Book Reviews

The number one weight loss plan is the DASH diet. Short for the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, the primary goal of the DASH diet is to lower blood pressure. The user-friendly, safe, and nutritious DASH diet helps you fight hypertension, while you lose weight and lower your cholesterol. DASH increases your intake of heart-healthy fiber and potassium from vegetables, fruits, and low-fat dairy foods. As with any diet, hunger is often a side effect. There are many alternative supplements, such as Green Kratom  and even CBD sometimes can help suppress your appetite.

The DASH Diet for Beginners

If you’re just starting on your DASH Diet journey, start with information that is straightforward and clear. DASH Diet: The DASH Diet for Beginners by Gina Crawford is an easy, informative start guide with recipes and a seven-day meal plan. The DASH Diet for Beginners also includes information on:

  • The history of the Dash Diet
  • An explanation of how and why the DASH diet works
  • Making the switch to DASH diet eating
  • Portion control and serving sizes
  • Tips to lower your sodium intake

The DASH Diet Action Plan

Revolutionize your health and change your life with The DASH Diet Action Plan from a dietitian and leading nutrition expert Marla Heller, MS, RD. This NY Times and USA Today bestseller helps you harness the power of the DASH diet for weight loss. This book includes the things you need to know to adopt a healthier lifestyle with the DASH diet. The DASH Diet Action Plan offers a complete plan of fabulous, healthy eating with:

  • Over 45 recipes
  • 28 days of meal plans
  • Hints for eating on-the-run
  • Guidance on healthy weight loss and exercise for every lifestyle
  • Easy ways to add activity to your everyday routine

Improve your metabolism, strength, and cardiovascular fitness and lower your body fat without counting calories or taking medication.

DASH Done Slow: The DASH Diet Slow Cooker Cookbook

There’s nothing like coming home to dinner that’s ready. Lose weight and improve your overall health with help from your slow cooker and author Karen Frazier. DASH Done Slow offers:

  • A quick refresher on the eating program 
  • 100 satisfying, slow-cooked meals for vegetarians, meat lovers, and everyone in between. 
  • Slow cooking tips to make your meals more delicious 
  • Recipes that use ten or fewer ingredients
  • Meals that require under 15 minutes of prep time

Cook heart-healthy meals, sides, and desserts without spending tons of time in the kitchen.

The Everyday DASH Diet Cookbook

Almost 130 million people have either pre-hypertension or hypertension. Many of those diagnosed struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle required to combat high blood pressure. Marla Heller, MS, RD teamed up with renowned cookbook writer and culinary instructor Rick Rodgers to make it easier. The two created The Everyday DASH Diet Cookbook. This book ensures you never get bored with over 150 recipes, including:

  • Ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Comfort food favorites
  • New ideas from around the world
  • Easy to prepare home-cooked meals
  • Fresh, fabulous eating

The Everyday DASH Diet Cookbook makes it easy and delicious to stay on track with DASH.

The DASH Diet Younger You

Best selling author and dietitian Marla Heller combines critical components of the DASH diet and the latest cutting-edge research to create a program to help you shed 20 pounds while also helping you look and feel 20 years younger. Lose weight, improve your blood pressure, and become healthier with an all-natural plant-based version of the DASH diet

The DASH Diet Younger You shows you how to use whole, unprocessed, additive-free foods to get visible, measurable anti-aging results that accommodate your individual food preferences. This book offers a natural detox that targets the root causes of aging at the cellular level, including:

  • Oxid-Aging
  • Inflamm-Aging
  • Glyc-Aging

With 75 recipes and 28 days of meal plans, this book also explains how to fortify and rejuvenate your hair and skin, as well as revitalize and strengthen your bones, muscles, and joints in just 10 weeks. 

Pick up one of these books on the DASH diet, lose weight and lessen your chances of developing heart disease and failure, along with kidney stones, osteoporosis, and having a stroke with the nutrition plan that’s great for the whole family.