Tips for Choosing the Best Grow Tent Ventilation Fan

Ventilation fans are a must have. Today’s steady growing interest in indoor farming requires this type ventilation techniques. Proper tent ventilation can be the difference between you having a long prosperous grow season and a short lived no grow. Please keep reading to find out how to be sure that you are getting the right fan for your cause. 

What Do Grow Room Ventilation Fans offer?
Grow room ventilation fans help you keep the air in your garden clean and new! There several different fan characteristics that allow the fans to exercise this ability. Different types of indoor gardens can use these fans as well. Here are is a list of gardens that ventilation fans can help.

  • Indoor Cannabis Garden
  • Indoor Vegetable Garden
  • Indoor Perennial Garden 
  • Indoor Herb Garden

These gardens all have one thing in common. They all have plants that need to use CO2, and fresh air. The best fans have the following features.

Speed Control and Smart Settings
Having the perfect ventilation that promotes perfect plant growth can be difficult. Engineers knew this and inserted some of the most modern technological advancements in their fans. Ventilation fans now have speed control that alter the speed according to the room’s static pressure, and density. Your fan needs to be able to blow air in a way that fits all of these unique features of your garden. When CO2 levels get too low, plants stop growing. 

Heater Controlling Functions 
One of the handiest functions that a fan can supply is the ability to regulate the heating and humidity. When plants do not get the proper ventilation and temperature changes, they can mold and become very toxic. Proper indoor farming requires plants to have fresh supplies of air with the proper amount of humidity, electrolytes, and CO2. This can also improve the amount of nutrients and benefits that your plant can deliver to your project. Polluted or depleted air is a major contributing factor. and your plants will deliver these substances to their consumer.

Peaceful Fans Makes Peaceful Plants
Okay, we may have over exaggerated a bit. Your plants may not care at all about loud noises, but your neighbors sure do! Parties every now and then may be tolerable but an obnoxiously loud fan just may cause a conviction for disturbing the peace. Today’s most modern fans include DC motors and other advances models. These motor types helps to make the fan to be more energy efficient whole working quietly. Air pollution and sound pollution are two factors that may contribute to the overall well-being of an environment in ways that we may not yet understand. 

Work with Sustainability 
An important characteristic of a new fan is also the ability to withstand conditions while working for an impressive amount of time. Your fan should be able to stay effective and completely functional even when your air is cluttered. There are also fans that have timers and eco-friendly modes that were designed fulfill these duties.

If you are still not sure what fan will best suit your needs have a look at this article : Grow tent ventilation fan reviews by Canada Grows Indoors.

Please use these tips to help you pick that perfect fan that will also leave your plants happy and healthy.