Tips: Make Your Next Teeth Cleaning Less Painful

Oral hygiene is not an easy thing to keep up – especially with the tempting midnight snacks and chocolates around us. Oral pain, a missing tooth, or even tooth infection are obvious consequences if you don’t clean your teeth properly. This has a direct impact on your physical and mental well-being.

Some of us have a dental phobia. Yes, they fear going in for a teeth cleaning at the dentist as it can be uncomfortable or painful. Sensitive teeth, aching gums, gum bleeding, cavities are a few of the problems to encounter.

What can I do to make the next teeth cleaning less painful? First, you must follow some simple tips to keep your teeth clean. Second, get a dentist checkup if you haven’t had one in a while.. Third and last, please do a follow-up with your dentist and dental hygienist on a regular basis. Regular check-ups can help maintain good oral hygiene.

For the best dental service, you should choose a well-reputed dental clinic. Yes, a clinic with all dental services. Just like the teeth cleaning services in Edmonton, where you will get the best dentist and hygienists for the best dental experience.

Before we jump onto the tips for clean teeth, let us find out about a few common teeth problems. 

Common Dental Problems

1. Tooth Decay

A sticky substance called plaques combines with sugar in your food and produces acid. This acid attacks tooth enamel and produces tooth decay. Tooth decay is more commonly known as cavities.

2. Bad Breath

Certain bacteria, cavities, dry mouth, oral infections,or gum diseases produce halitosis or bad breath. Using mouthwash can help you in acute bad breath. If it is chronic, then consult a dentist.

3. Gum disease

Gum disease or periodontal diseases is the infection in gums surrounding the teeth. This could happen because of numerous factors. Yes, plaque build-up, smoking, diabetes, long term tobacco chewing are some reasons for developing gum diseases

4. Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity or dentin hypersensitivity is a condition where the enamel is worn out. Or, it may happen when the tooth roots got exposed to a hot or cold stimulus. Receding gum lining can also increase sensitivity.

5. Oral Cancer

Lumps, sores, and rough areas in the mouth are the primary symptoms of oral cancer. This may happen due to several risk factors. Chewing tobacco, high alcohol consumption, or even HPV (sexually transmitted wart virus) can cause oral cancer.

Tips: Teeth Cleaning less painful

1. Do Not Overbrush

Some people believe that excessive brushing can clean their teeth and spend hours on it. But this is not the correct choice. In fact, brushing too harshly can damage your teeth enamel and makes it more sensitive to cold and hot food items.

2. Correct Brushing Pattern

Since the school-days, teachers taught us how to brush. Yet, many of us brush our teeth in the wrong pattern. You must brush the bottom row first and then try the top row. It is always up and down, never sideways.

3. Switch Your Toothpaste

If your teeth are too sensitive to hot ramen and cold coffee, then you should switch your toothpaste. Try something like Sensodyne Pro to reduce sensitivity.

It contains potassium nitrate, which enters the tooth tubule and blocks nerve impulse to the brain. That, in turn, prevents sensitivity problems. Also, it helps to redevelop your enamel in less than a month. So, you will notice an extra sheen to your smile.

4. Take ibuprofen

It is not uncommon to have tartar and plaque in your teeth. That can damage your gum, and gum bleeding is on the card. Before it turns that severe, try ibuprofen. 

Yes, you can take 600 to 800mg Advil ( a popular form of ibuprofen) before cleaning. That will help to heal damaged gums and alleviate your pain to clean tartar. In case, your gums are bleeding badly, do consult a dentist.

5. Prevent Gum Recession

Gum recession occurs mostly because of gum infection caused by bacteria. Because of such infection, gums recede, and it exposes more of your tooth. That it turns makes your teeth more sensitive. Also, in severe conditions, there is a chance of losing your tooth. 

Avoid chewing tobacco, floss, and brush your teeth to keep your gum lines intact. Regular hygienist visits and a good dental regime will help prevent gum recession.

6. Use Electric Brush

An electric brush is softer than a regular toothbrush, and this can clean far better than a manual one. These brush can clean below the gum line and clean it without damaging your enamel.

Though it is expensive, considering its benefits, it is worth using it. It is time-saving and longer-lasting than the manual cleaning process. All you need is to hold it closer to your teeth, and it does the rest for you. 

7. Use Fluoride

Fluoride is the best mineral for healthy teeth. Fluoride does not only lower your oral acidity level, but also it strengthens your tooth enamel. Other than that, fluoride protects your teeth sensitivity.

Where can I get this? Well, most toothpastes and mouthwashes contain fluoride in their content. Also, you can find fluoride gum, lozenges, tablets, and many more supplement options. 

8. Get Numb

Ask your dental hygienist to for gum numbing before they start cleaning. Cleaning can be painful, depending on your teeth condition. So, it is better to get local anesthesia in the area of cleaning.

9. Use of Mouthwash and Flossing

Mouthwash is an antiseptic alcoholic liquid that kills bacteria in between your teeth. It contains a high volume of fluoride to clean plaques from the deepest corner of your teeth. It is ideal for fresh breath, and doctors recommend using mouthwash at least twice a day.

Dental floss is a long thin cord usually nylon used to remove food and plaque from the gaps between teeth. Flossing is the process of using dental floss. It is recommended to floss your teeth after every meal along with brushing teeth after.

10. Hire a Good Hygienist

A Quality hygienist can make your teeth cleansing comfortably. It is never easy to remove plaque from your teeth. So, an expert hand can make your teeth cleaning process easy. Find someone who is caring and an expert on this.

Cleaning teeth can be painful at times. The tips above will help you attain a healthy dental hygiene that will improve your oral health and keep your teeth cleaning pain free. Our smiles are our biggest expression of our personalities. So, take care of the thirty two pearlies that make your smile beautiful.