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Tips on How to Stay Motivated

5 Ways Of Always Staying Motivated

Motivation is a key element in navigating the highly complex and competitive environment of the world today. It is the driving force that helps us accomplish the goals which we have set for ourselves. However, always being motivated is not an easy task. This article will highlight 6 ways through which a person can stay motivated.

1. Setting Realistic Goals

In order to achieve goals, they must be realistic and attainable. It is imperative that the set goals are not too high, or else it becomes difficult to accomplish them. Sometimes people set their goals to be too low because they want the feeling that they achieved something, but these feelings rarely last very long.

This is why it is a good idea to set realistic personal goals at first, and then gradually increase their level as the motivation increases.

2. Avoid Procrastination

Many people who need motivation a lot, often procrastinate. Procrastination is the tendency to avoid doing work by welcoming distractions or making excuses for why the work can’t be done at that moment.

Instead of facing their problems head on, they put them off until another day. In some cases, these types of people also get overwhelmed easily, making it difficult to accomplish even small tasks.

In order to deal with procrastination, it makes sense to start small with projects that are less stressful and then slowly work the way up to bigger ones. It is also important to ask for help to avoid feeling overworked and hopeless by the tasks to be accomplished.

3. Find Ways To Accomplish Goals

As much as it is important to set goals, it is even more crucial to accomplish these goals in order to stay motivated. The best way of accomplishing these goals is to set them in small steps, to avoid becoming overwhelmed and giving up on them.

Another helpful way to accomplish goals is to celebrate the results as soon as a step is completed. Each small success acts as one step closer to a goal, which means that every celebration will act as a motivating factor.

4. Use Feedback From Other People

In order to continue staying motivated, it is best to have a lot of feedback from other people. An ideal situation would be having a mentor who monitors progress and gives feedback on it.

This feedback should be direct rather than vague. Instead of generally saying that a person is doing good, the best approach would be to give specific reasons why that person is doing well. Jonathan Osler San Francisco, a nonprofit leader, relies on effective communication to motivate his team and people in need of his help.

5. Always Be Accountable

Another useful way to stay motivated is by being always accountable when accomplishing each goal, even when the journey becomes hard in future. The essence here is to make a choice that will evoke an action in future when things get hard, rather than quitting.

For example, if a person aims at going to the gym three times in a week with a friend, the individual can instruct the friend to always impose a fine of $50 whenever he/she misses a gym session.
Jonathan Osler San Francisco has advocated for racial justice and educational equity for more than 20 years as a nonprofit leader, educator, parent organizer, and strategist. He continuously motivates thousands of parents and children in his philanthropic and fundraising efforts.