5 Career Tips for Pharmacists

Beginning your career as a licensed pharmacist can be both exciting and overwhelming. While you may feel relieved to be done with your studies to start earning an income, adjusting to your new profession can be nerve-wracking. Read on for five tips to make the most out of your pharmacy career.

  1. Take on relief shifts

Working relief shifts is an excellent way to earn an income when you are between jobs or at the beginning of your career. It also exposes you to the different pharmaceutical environments and roles, allowing you to gain more experience. If you are a new pharmacist, working relief shifts is an effective strategy for getting your foot in the door and working with different professionals, enabling you to build a network of like-minded individuals.

  1. Get a mentor

Consider getting a mentor to support and guide you through your goal-setting process, help you explore career opportunities, and develop contacts. Your mentor could be someone holding a position you are eyeing in the future or an expert in your field. You could also consider speaking to someone outside your industry to get alternative perspectives to enable you to make informed career decisions.

  1. Build up a professional network

Having a network of like-minded individuals is one of the most invaluable resources you will have in your career. A professional network enables you to interact with like-minded people who can help you hone your skills, continue your education and training, and get pharmacy jobs. You will also have a group of reliable and trustworthy individuals you can contact anytime for solutions to any queries. Be sure to keep in touch with your colleagues and remain connected even if you shift jobs or get new positions.  

You should also leverage formal networks such as job boards, professional associations, and alumni groups. This gives you a larger pool of professionals you could interact with, therefore more resources, not to mention making your job search more straightforward. 

  1. Mistakes are learning opportunities

You are likely to make mistakes at the onset of your pharmacy career. While you may be afraid to get things wrong the first time, do not let the fear of making errors paralyze you. Excessive fear of getting things wrong can cloud your judgments and get in the way of taking action. For this reason, correct your mistakes promptly when you get something wrong to minimize harm. You should then move on from the situation armed with the error’s lesson.

To reduce the chances of making unnecessary mistakes, ask other professionals in your field about their journey and learn from their experiences, build positive relationships or take on GP practice to hone your skills while identifying areas you feel most comfortable with.

  1. Write down your short and long-term goals

Where do you want to be in the next five or ten years? Jolting down your short and long-term goals does not only guide your job hunting. It also helps you evaluate your every action to determine whether it aligns with your goals and vision, allowing you to stay focused. 


Like any new venture, starting your career as a pharmacist can be challenging and overwhelming. Consider taking on relief shifts, getting a mentor, building a professional network, and learning from your mistakes for a more fulfilling and happy career.