Tips To Help You Recover Faster After A Shoulder Injury

Shoulder joints are highly complex, made out of 2 separate joints that work together in order to create the most flexible of the body’s joints. These joints are held together through various different tendons, cartilage and muscles. Wear and tear can easily lead to an injury but there is also the possibility that something else causes the injury, like an accident. In that case you have to contact a Glendale personal injury lawyer but in most cases the only thing you have to worry about is recovering.

In order to recover, the most important thing is going to a doctor. In the event surgery is necessary, it is something you will have to go through. After that, recovery is mostly about performing specific exercises that help the shoulder regain its strength. Supervised treatment is always highly recommended but the facts of high importance are:

  • DiagnosisDiagnosing exactly where the shoulder injury is located and severity is necessary to draft up a recovery plan. Take the arm through full motion range and see how much mobility exists. Identify where pain happens and how much movement freedom is available. If you cannot get in touch with professionals, look for online diagnosis tools that guide you through the process.
  • Rest And Conditioning – Around one week of inactivity is necessary so the tendons can recover from inflammation. After this happens, you start doing actual rehabilitative exercises, including tendon conditioning and rotator cuff strengthening.

Based on the exact pain felt in the shoulder, proper exercise have to be chosen. The main exercises to consider during shoulder recovery are presented below.

External Rotation

The back stands against a wall and the body and shoulders stay straight. Elbows are bent to form 90 degree angles and arm is brought across the abdomen. The palm is against the stomach. An external rotation is done by moving the forearm and arm away from your abdomen, with a bent elbow. Do this rotation until the arm’s back is against a wall. Hold it and then rotate back towards the position you started from.

Supraspinatus Stretch

Two dumbbells are needed. You stand upright and have a dumbbell in every hand. Thumbs are pointing down and elbows are kept straight. Then, bring arms outwards in order to form a degree of 45 angles. Hold this for 5 seconds and get back slowly to where you started from. Around 20 repetitions should be done one time per day to strengthen tendons and muscles.

Triceps Stretch

From an upright position, place hand palm as far as you can towards the back. The other hand should grab elbow and then pull arm down, behind the head. The stretch has to be held for 5 seconds and then relaxation. 10 repetitions on one arm, around 2 times daily will be needed.

Final Thoughts

Remember that the best recovery following a shoulder injury is always one that involves doctor supervision or at least getting help from someone with experience. Be sure that you get help for proper recovery.