Top 10 US States Where CBD Is Legal

The last couple of years have seen huge advancements in the acceptance and normalization of producing, selling, and using cannabidiol or CBD oil. With the signing of the Farm Bill into law at the end of 2018, hemp was removed from the Controlled Substances Act, making it legal to cultivate and produce it in US territories and land owned by Native Americans as well. The responsibility of regulating hemp was also transferred to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and is no longer under the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). 

While this did lead to an increase in legal hemp production over the last few years, the legality of CBD (a derivative of hemp) is still not finalized or clear. Many changes and updates are still being prepared in congress and progress is slow but ongoing. As it stands, every state has imposed its own limits and rules on the production, distribution, and use of CBD.

If you are thinking of moving to another state and plan to or already use CBD, it’s normal to feel confused about which state to go to. Some states consider CBD as the same as marijuana and subject it to the same laws as the latter. Other states recognize a difference between the two and allow the distribution and use of it with varying levels of regulation and restriction. The ideal state to move to may also depend on your needs, especially if you use CBD oil as help in treating severe medical conditions and the like.

While this list is far from comprehensive as many state laws are ever-changing, here are a number of states where it’s legal to buy and use CBD.

  1. Arizona. If you’re looking around at a map of the country, and you’re asking yourself “where is CBD legal here?” – Arizona is one state you can go to. Not only is CBD legal, but it’s quite popular, so it’s generally more accepted by people. If you are a medical marijuana user with a card, you can easily find CBD oil at the public area of many dispensaries across the state. 

Moreover, there are more than a few CBD retailers with brick-and-mortar stores that you can walk into or online stores that you can easily purchase from. Just make sure to buy from a business that is based in Arizona, it’s better for the environment, helps your local economy, and it’s the safe thing to do. 

2. Delaware. You might be surprised to find out that hemp-derived CBD products have been legal in this state since 2014. Not only that, but medical marijuana is also legal in Delaware. This is an excellent state to be in if you suffer from chronic illness or other medical conditions and have found that CBD oil or medical marijuana has helped ease your symptoms. It is perfectly legal to access these in Delaware, and you will have no trouble doing so.

However, before you pack your bags and start driving down to the First state, it’s not too friendly towards casual marijuana users. If you do smoke weed for recreational purposes, know that there is no legal way to get marijuana for that reason in Delaware. 

3. Pennsylvania. If you’re looking for the best way to relax and get the benefits of CBD oil, CBD massages are quite popular in Pennsylvania. Hemp-derived CBD products are legal and can be freely produced and distributed across the state. However, anything from marijuana will need to be screened by the state’s medical marijuana system first.

That being said, this state is ideal for people who exclusively use and prefer hemp-derived CBD oil and other products. 

4. Minnesota. You don’t need to worry about the legality of CBD in this state as it did start normalizing the sale of such products. The first store in the country that was exclusively dedicated to CBD and hemp products opened in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2018. Local farmers are also looking into the potential of growing hemp and are optimistic about the positive effects of making this switch.

However, many physical stores lack product variety. You can definitely find a wider array of CBD products from online stores that are based in Minnesota, just be careful about who you’re buying it from. Also, Minnesota is near some states that are not as welcoming of CBD so it wouldn’t be wise to have these products on you when you’re crossing state lines.

5. Connecticut. CBD is perfectly legal to buy and use in the state of Connecticut. The use of medical marijuana is popular and generally accepted in this state as the production and distribution of it has been very lucrative for it, raking in millions of dollars of annual income. However, you need a medical license to possess marijuana. Being caught for possession without a license can result in a hefty fine.

6. New York. The good news is that CBD is legal in the state of New York, but everything from its cultivation to its production and distribution is heavily regulated across the state. All entities involved in the process are required to be licensed in order to legally handle and sell CBD products. However, New York also has the most comprehensive regulatory system across the country.

Despite all the restrictions, you can legally purchase CBD oil and a wide array of CBD-infused products. Only food and beverages with CBD are currently prohibited in the state. Moreover, CBD with tetrahydrocannabinol or THC or cannabis oil can readily be found at any medical marijuana dispensary for card-carrying individuals. It is also possible to buy CBD products at a number of places, even some convenience stores. You can also legally buy CBD products from New York-based online businesses too.

7. Rhode Island. Much like New York, CBD products with low levels of THC can be legally bought anywhere throughout the state. However, CBD products with high concentrations of THC are available in medical marijuana dispensaries. However, you can enjoy smoking marijuana for recreational purposes—just make sure it’s in a small amount.

8. California. The good news is that marijuana is legal across the state of California and that there are little to no regulations on the production, processing, and distribution of hemp products and non-food industrial hemp. The bad news is that THC levels can vary from product to product, and not all places have the same level of variety. You might still need to look around or find a dispensary if the CBD products at your local drugstore don’t have the THC levels that you need.

Moreover, the California Department of Health states that CBD is illegal to use in certain products, including all foods and beverages. Currently, there is a proposed new law to expand the list of products that are allowed to be infused with CBD.

9. Colorado. You shouldn’t be surprised at the inclusion of this state on this list. Since the groundbreaking event that fully legalized marijuana in Colorado, CBD being completely legal and socially acceptable is a given. One of these days, you might even be able to purchase CBD products at your local Walgreens!

Additionally, a lot of large and innovative cannabis product businesses are based in Colorado, and they are always looking for new ways to use CBD in their products. You’ll find a wide range of products being infused with CBD in Colorado—from food, makeup, beverages, lotions, and more. It’s totally safe to move here, and you have access to a wide variety of choices as well.

10. Oregon. This state is home to one of the country’s biggest CBD industries. Not only is it legal to grow and purchase hemp and its products in this state, but you’ll also have a lot of variety to choose from. Many people often make it a point to drive all the way to Oregon just so they can find the CBD products that they’re looking for and buy it in bulk. This is definitely a state where you need to think about who and where you’re buying from if you want quality products.

With the ongoing decriminalization and normalization of hemp and its products, you might find things slowly improving all over the country when it comes to the stigma and legality of using CBD. For the most updated information, make sure to get in touch with your state officials.