Top Fitness Instagram Profiles that will Inspire Better Workouts

Regardless of how much of a gym rat you are, there will be days when you just can’t feel it. Although spending time scrolling through social feeds may not sound like the answer to the lack of motivation, it could be the best recipe for jumpstarting a bad workout mood. Instagram is definitely one of the most ideal ways you can keep up with your favorite fitness enthusiasts, athletes and trainers.

For those days you find it hard to fire up that willpower to work out, the following are the best fitness profiles that you need to be following on Instagram. They combine a healthy mix of mobility moves, cardio and bodyweight exercises with sweat and a whole lot of abs. These ladies and gentlemen won’t just be showing off their amazing, jaw-dropping muscle definition – they will inspire you too to get moving.

Curtis Williams (@curtiswilliams17)

Having spent two years as a receiver catching passes in the NFL, you can definitely count on Curtis’ help when it comes to intensive workouts. Being a former athlete in his former career is also part of the inspiration behind his workouts. His profile is adequately filled with both small-equipment and high intensity bodyweight exercises for which you don’t need gym membership to try out. He may not necessarily provide full workout routines but with about six or seven of his individual movements, you can piece your own circuit together. Additionally he recommends gathering more factual information regarding workouts program on Instragram. The Small Business Blog can perfectly help you to find that.

Rahman Grayson (@raygrayson)

Ray, commonly known by his Instagram moniker as Mr. Shut Up and Train has to be a one of a kind trainer. He hosts the largest, most populated free online fitness challenge where over 100,000 participants sign up at a time. In his account, you will find several inspirational clips and posts that usually help in driving signups for his challenges, which include full-fledged workout routines that can be done comfortably at home. Most workouts here are abbreviated and what you get is the sequence and the movements but getting to work is all up to you.

Will Arrufat (@willarrufat)

Being a Nike trainer, it’s not such a huge surprise to see his Instagram filled with a solid blend of motivational sayings, workouts and personal pics of him at his own gym grind. Most of his posts are plain, black and white grams that feature nothing except for a text for the workout of the day. However, don’t skip over the images he posts so fast – in the rest of the body of the post is where the juice is, mostly featuring full-fledged routines.

Gideon Akande (@gideonakande)

It only takes a single quick scroll through his Instagram profile to tell that Gideon is a high energy kind of guy. Instead of staid gym videos and photos, what he does is keep up appearances by matching all of his workout programs to whatever events currently exist – for instance, basketball-themed workouts for NBA finals. He also takes his filming live and on location to ensure that the scenery is ever changing. But the interesting thing about him is that a good number of his workouts usually need just as much as your body weight and if need be, just a couple of small pieces of equipment.

Andy Speer (@andyspeer)

If your primary focus is on hardcore abs, then Andy could be just Instagrammer you need to be following. The former gymnast-cum-trainer often stacks his Instagram with the workouts and exercises that earned him that juicy, ridiculous six-pack in the first place. And don’t expect just a series of sit-ups and crunches. His workout plans call for serious core training that requires the use of calisthenics, kettlebell training, plyometrics and sprints. And these are just about everything you would find on his account.

Closing Remarks

Often, laying out hundreds of dollars just on personal training seems, or rather sounds like money well spent. However, if you want a trainer’s expertise but without all of the fees associated, Instagram is where you get it. The profiles mentioned above are of top fitness experts including trainers, bodybuilders, yogis and enthusiasts from all around the world. They are always happy to provide you with entire workout programs and all you need to do is follow them. So if you prefer to keep your trainer virtual, convenient and in your pocket to being by your side, then head on out to Instagram and follow these profiles.