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Go Green & Live Healthy: Benefits

Did you ever think about going green? Let’s face it, green is everywhere. If you live in a first world country and don’t have to worry about essential things, such as food and housing, you can start thinking about the planet. While the planet enjoys our green approach, so do our bodies. Going green is one of the simplest ways to live longer and feel better.

1. Better Immune System

When you are using green products, such as an eco-friendly vehicle, your body is not subject to a variety of pollutants and contaminants. Your immune system doesn’t have to constantly battle foreign elements, which try to ruin your organism. It has time to stabilize and focus on more important matters, such as saving you from viruses.

2. Fresh Looking Skin and Hair

Did you know that women apply an average of almost 170 chemicals every day? While chemicals have given us many benefits, mixing them into hair and skin products is not always safe.

In fact, such an approach often leads to allergies and breakouts. Most top personal hygiene products contain unnatural ingredients.  Parabens, formaldehyde, lanolin, and propylene glycol are not just unnecessary, they cause a reverse effect. Even the products that claim to be natural often contain allergy-aggravating ingredients such as ‘perfume’. Pureman professionals, an Australian shop specializing in hair care products for men, warn: ‘read your labels carefully: the 100% natural products may cost you more, but definitely pay off in the long-run. Very often the cause of the dandruff is related to allergic reactions to chemicals in shampoos, which are also present in anti-dandruff products’.

All-natural skin and hair products can help your body look excellent while keeping allergies and dermatitis away.

3. Green Environment

When you are going green, you are substantially reducing your carbon footprint, making our planet a better place to live on. Meanwhile, you are increasing the chances for your kids to live better and healthier lives.

4. Cleaner Air

Don’t you want to breathe fresh air? Everyone does. However, hardly anyone does anything to keep it fresh and safe. Switching to green products in your household will help you avoid harmful and toxic chemicals that aggravate allergies and asthma. You may be surprised at how effective natural ingredients are for cleaning.

5. Fewer Respiratory Diseases

The number of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) you can find in your home is overwhelming. Even your child’s toys are probably soaked in fire retardants that contain VOCs. These compounds are in our furniture, carpets, and mattresses. They usually become the invisible cause of many respiratory problems.

Keeping your home VOC-free can help you breathe easier, reduce the frequency of asthma attacks, and keep your child safe.

6. More Exercises

Did you ever think of riding a bike to work? You can kill two birds with one stone. Reduce the pollution and train your body. Making green transportation a habit is a way to improve your lifestyle.

7. Fewer GI-tract Problems

Nowadays, eco food is a rarity. That’s why a majority of adults has some sort of digestion problems. Fats, preservatives and pesticides are overwhelming our bodies making them grow older faster. Clean and chemical-free food is a simple and enjoyable way to go green and stay healthy.

8. Cost-Efficient Living

Once you start taking advantage of natural products to clean your home, eco-friendly transportations, and natural beauty products, you’ll soon notice how much less money you are spending.

It may come as a surprise but many corporations are making billions selling you chemicals you don’t really need. Meanwhile, investing in such products as smart thermostats can help reduce your energy bills.

Going green has a few downsides as well. However, they are well covered by the benefits. Most people, who have gone green, enjoy happier and healthier lives. There is no need to go green overnight. Start with something simple. Turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth. It’s a start!