Top Medical Marijuana Strains for Treating Parkinson’s Disease

The misconceptions surrounding the miraculous cannabis plant are being blown away like a cloud of smoke, slowly but surely. As the medical benefits of marijuana are surfacing, millions of people worldwide are considering cannabis consumption to treat their medical conditions, such as Parkinson’s Disease. If you haven’t already heard the story of Larry Smith, you are about to be amazed by what this former cop (and now, medical marijuana patient) had to say about using the green plant as a means of curing his Parkinson’s symptoms. Plus, if you visit a medical marijuana dispensary SF, you could do the same!

Who is Larry Smith?

Based in South Dakota, Larry was unable to buy buds and so, was forced to make the journey to San Diego. Upon arriving in the city with his wife, the ex-cop was administered with cannabis oil. This oil contained high levels of cannabidiol (CBD) and some tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Within just a few minutes of allowing the oil to absorb into his system after dropping some under his tongue, Larry’s tremors, inability to speak and uncontrolled movements (usually caused by dyskinesia) seemed to fade away.

Since this time, he has cycled 300 miles across South Dakota, with his journey documented on Ride With Larry. The formerly disabled man is almost back to his own self and cannabis is the reason why.

Using Medical Marijuana to Cure Parkinson’s Disease

According to the National Parkinson’s Foundation, medical marijuana and Parkinson’s Disease need to be brought to the public’s attention more. Larry’s story is just one example of the patient success stories related to using medical marijuana as a treatment for Parkinson’s Disease. Not only was Larry an ex-cop but also, he had turned to cannabis as a last resort, due to his disease being incurable for 20 years prior.

Get this – the brain is made up of many parts, including the endocannabinoid system. Brain cells (or neurons) are linked to cannabinoid receptors. What does this tell us? Well, bodily functions and thought processes are impacted by the endocannabinoid system and if somebody with Parkinson’s Disease gives their body a well-needed dose of marijuana that is rich in cannabidiol (CBD), it could have a profound effect on their life.

What do cannabinoid receptors have to do with it?

There’s a little bit of science to understand when it comes to using medical marijuana as a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. To put it simply, the peripheral immune system and brain comprise two types of cannabinoid receptors: CB1 and CB2. Parkinson’s sufferers tend to have less CB1 receptors therefore if they are administered with cannabis in the form of extracts, such as tinctures or cannabis oil-laced edibles, PD motor symptoms and dyskinesia tremors can be effectively reduced, if not eliminated completely.

Medical Marijuana Strains for Parkinson’s Sufferers

Upon walking into a medical marijuana dispensary SF, your senses will instantly be stimulated. The potent waft of fresh bud will fill your nostrils from the moment you step into the predominantly green store, where you will hear budtenders conversing with fellow cannabis connoisseurs and medical marijuana patients. Scan your eyes over the extensive menu and don’t forget to look around you – the shelves and cupboards will be stocked with the most beautiful cannabis strains ever to be seen!

Keep your eyes peeled for the following medical marijuana strains, which are recommended for relieving the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, among many other progressive movement disorders:


  • Cherry Cola – This 2014 L.A. Cannabis Cup competitor is an Indication strain that was cultivated in Sonoma County, California. It has an earthy flavor with spicy undertones.
  • Bubba Haze – Try this hazy strain, which combines Sativa and indica hybrid roots. It is a cross of female Ghost Train Haze and male Bubba Kush. Heavily tranquilizing, it eases the symptoms of Parkinson’s due to its relaxing effects. The hashish flavor is rather sweet.


  • Amnesia Haze – Usually grown outdoors, this high-yielding strain will really light up your life. Enjoy a pleasantly energetic buzz when you consume this citrus-flavored type of cannabis.


  • Chemdawg – This colorful strain’s ratio of sativa to indica is 45:55. The effects are sleepy and relaxed, making this strain ideal for reducing muscle spasms.
  • Dutch Dragon – Loaded with THC, this Sativa strain is widely used to treat patients with Parkinson’s Disease, because of its therapeutic yet energetic effects.
  • Blackberry Kush – This attractive bud has a dark purple appearance and it stands out with its bright orange hairs. The sweet berry-flavored buds have hash-like undertones.
  • Blue Diesel – Indica-dominant, this hybrid bud burns slowly and has sativa elements combined into its genetics. Enjoy a smooth smoke or extract it for your medical convenience.


Cannabis Consumption Methods

What a lot of first-time cannabis consumers don’t know is that the method of delivery is as important as the strain you buy from a medical marijuana dispensary in SF! Of course, there is smoking, which can be accomplished with joints, blunts, pipes, bongs or vaporizers. However, cannabis can also be enjoyed in edible form. Infused edibles create a long-lasting effect on the user than it would for someone who smokes it.

Tools for Using Medical Cannabis

Owning a blender means that cannabis can also be juiced raw and combined with a range of fruits, vegetables and superfoods for an instant dose of health. Some other essential tools to add to your stash of weed paraphernalia include grinders, pollen catchers, scrapers, bongs, rigs, extraction devices, water pipes and much more! The more diverse your collection, the more variety you can add to cannabis consumption techniques.