Transfer: A Path for Successful Students

Many students in Kentucky are choosing to start their college career at a two-year or Technical College. This is because, for many of these students, the cost of a University is too much. This allows the students to take courses they need at a price that is more reasonable for them. Many of these courses then transfer to a University in Kentucky. One connection that is important for these students is called a transfer pathway. Transfer pathways offer students the option to choose a degree path or career path and meet with an advisor that will help them transfer to a University. 

Kentucky offers a website geared to the transfer pathway and helps connect students to advisors. This website also offers a visual map that can help guide the students in the process. Both two-year colleges and Universities work together to ensure students meet all requirements. Students meet with their advisor periodically and chart where they are at. This helps the students see what courses may still be needed to ensure they can transfer. The check-ups and interactions with advisors can help ensure students are getting the correct information. This has also been found to help increase on-time graduation by 21%. Additionally, in the state of Kentucky up to 70% of a student’s credits are transferable to an accepting University. 

The completion of higher education can be viewed as an equity issue, this true for transfer student’s success as well. Nationally, white students are twice as likely to transfer than Black or Hispanic students. To challenge this statistic Kentucky uses milestones to help ensure all students are reaching their goals. There are four main milestones that are looked at. The first two include completing college level Math and English in a student’s first year. The third milestone is completing twenty-four plus credits in a student’s first year. The last milestone to be earned is to complete an associate degree. 
By connecting colleges and Universities to one another and helping students through the process of transferring the state is ensuring its success. As students begin to transfer over more credits the state can make sure they will reach their 60 by 30 goal. This goal is to make sure 60% of the state’s population has a postsecondary degree or accreditation by year 2030.

Transfer success
Source: Kentucky Student Success Collaborative