Translation Services During Global Pandemics

As our world is affected by various global pandemics every decade, knowledge about these pandemics needs to be shared worldwide. This knowledge and understanding must be translated precisely and correctly so that global citizens know where they stand. The experience that accumulates over time about different pandemics may have some solutions that need to be carried to every corner of the earth so that people can act to prevent themselves from contracting the deadly virus.

Some critical information that had to be spread worldwide was related to the manner and the speed this virus can spread. This notice was made available when the virus spread widely into Italy for the case of the Covid-19, one of the first of the European countries to be severely affected. It was soon recognized that the virus was wreaking devastation throughout the elderly population too. Many of whom lived in an extended family home. This information had to be quickly and accurately translated and spread throughout the world. It wasn’t just a matter of merely protecting the elderly by advising them to stay at home, but also guaranteeing that anyone visiting older people had to stop their visits or use protective equipment to help prevent the spread and protect their loved ones.

Italy had to deliver the word required to be translated, warning the whole world to move instantly; otherwise, it would be too late. No government knew what to do, and because there was a deficiency of face masks, their use was advertised as dubious. The only other option was executing social distancing rules, which kept people apart and saves some time until the vaccine is produced.

Once WHO declared a pandemic, the virus instantly took hold, and news reports sprouted up worldwide. If these reports were mistranslated, no one might have understood the pandemic’s severity and spread, and no one will care about it.

Medical translations in pandemics

Medical authorities and healthcare experts work together throughout the world, so they depend on medical translations’ efficiency, which needs to be completed by reliable human translators and not automatic machine translations. If the medical professional cannot communicate well and effectively, handling the pandemic comes to a crashing halt.

Many people expect and count on professional research to find a vaccine, cure, and treatment for any virus. Simultaneously, doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals attempt to control the pandemic and treat patients as possible by using the knowledge they already have. When a translator does this kind of translation work, he must have sufficient experience in the right field and be fluent in both languages so these professionals can understand his translation and work according to it.

It is not good enough or recommended for someone bilingual to perform these sorts of translations, as they need to be specialists in the healthcare field. The medicinal industry has its unique terminology and jargon, requiring an exact translation by understanding the area when translated into other languages. It is not good enough to translate text using online translation tools as these sorts of translation programs only translate word to word and cannot translate the medical terms accurately. So it would always be advisable to hire human translators!

Use a professional human translator for a COVID-19 translation.

During global pandemics, without a doubt, the healthcare professionals are our heroes and saviors who have put in hours and hours of their lives and taken risks to help humanity. But they are not the only ones who are helping the world as translators are quickly translating all the critical information about the pandemic so that everyone is kept informed and the researchers can share their data and read others’ data. 

Medical text translation online is required every time, and there are too many agencies that offer this service but with different qualities. The MotaWord company combines artificial intelligence and its translators’ professionalism to provide quick, accurate, and medical translation work at a reasonable price. Whether it is the translation of a medical examination or the translation of a medical certificate, MotaWord’s specialist translators master the lexical and linguistic environment and translate with full knowledge of the facts. 

Keep in mind that health is a serious subject! So you have to entrust the translation of your medical documents to professionals in the sector.