Turning Pleasure Into Business

The adult entertainment industry churns out billions of dollars a year despite its tendency to be associated with the more clandestine elements in society. While it may not be a subject that’s commonly discussed in polite company, mostly everyone is aware it exists.

Whatever your feelings on the subject, many people have decided to capitalize on its popularity. Sex toys, lingerie, and pornography are all examples of products that have proven to be very profitable for business owners. As appealing as that may sound on the surface, the earning potential alone shouldn’t entice you into the adult entertainment industry. No matter what your role is, it isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. Working in this field in any capacity may seem perfectly acceptable to you, but you should also take into account how it could affect family and friends. It’s difficult to imagine what you’ll be doing five or ten years in the future, but if you believe you’ll be comfortable looking back at this period in your life without regret, then you can consider moving forward. 

Once you’ve determined that the benefits of working in the adult entertainment industry offset any of the potential downsides, then you can focus on the next steps. First, you have to ask yourself where you fit in this industry. Are you looking to flex your business acumen and blaze your own trail, or would you rather work for an established company? Setting up a business in this field has all the challenges of opening a business in any other specialty, but you’ll likely run into a few additional snags that are unique to this industry. For instance, if you’re planning to set up a sex shop or sell adult content to others, obtaining a merchant account as an adult payment processor can be difficult. Though sex sells, most mainstream banks will be indifferent to your earning potential because they would prefer to avoid doing business with adult entertainment venues.

If creating a business from the ground up isn’t your cup of tea, and you’d rather search for employment in the industry, you still need to be wary. The nature of the adult entertainment niche doesn’t preclude the presence of upstanding businesspeople that run well-founded operations and deliver quality products to their customers. However, it’s also a field that’s often forced to transact in a less savory sphere, so you want to stay alert for any shady or improper practices. Of course, there are examples of employers and employees in every industry that exhibit less than exemplary behavior that crosses over into unethical and illegal activity. 

With the expansion of social media also contributing to the growth in the adult entertainment industry, you won’t have much difficulty breaking into the business. A healthy dose of introspection, along with some effort put toward researching the various job paths available in the industry, should help you to establish a secure foothold. At the core, it operates like most businesses, except for the occasional cliché reactions from outsiders.