CBD simply refers to cannabidiol, this is a certain compound present in cannabis that is usually commonly referred to as cannabinoid. Take note, cannabis is reported to contain nearly 400 different compounds. CBD however, is rather special since it is a key piece to many of the already known medicinal benefits that marijuana is known to produce.  As more and more research are being conducted on the CBD compound, the more it continues to seem that it is capable of revolutionizing modern medicine as its presently known.

CBD is not Psychoactive

What this means is that it is not able to make you high (produce any euphoric sensations).  Interesting thing is, being an inert compound CBD, users as well as CBD for dogs have many of the medicinal aspects of course without the THC high. This as you may already be aware, is extremely huge not only for medical but also from a legal stand point. Speaking of which, it is important to note that the same lack of THC is what also makes it a healthy option for pets.

Is CBD Legal?You will be glad to learn that, since CBD cannot get you high it is practically legal almost everywhere. Take note, the illegal aspect of marijuana is usually the THC. In fact, this is precisely what is usually tested for during drug tests. There is however a difference between cannabis and hemp.  In cases where marijuana is illegal, low grade or better yet non-THC cannabidiol is often available. Question is what exactly is the CBD responsible for in the body?

Overview of how CBD Interacts with the body.

There are several cannabinoid compounds which interact with the body through the endocannabinoid system. This system is a series of neurons which run through the body. Any cannabinoids which make their way through the body therefore bind to the receptors which in turn produce varied responses in the body.

Interesting thing worth noting is the fact that it is not only human that are known to have the endocannabinoid system. Dogs too have this system and the CBD have a more or less similar effect to their receptors too. In fact, dogs have been researched and have been found to have several positive reactions to medical marijuana. THC however has been found to seem toxic hence the reason CBD appeals more to them.

The Benefits of CBD

As far as benefits are concerned, there are several already proven in spite of the fact that research is still ongoing. Strong research findings indicate that CBD is able to stop seizures in dogs for instance at least going by the findings of the 2012 study. It is also worth noting that several people have been found to utilize CBD for dogs primarily to help with anxiety problems. CBD is also being utilized to help deal with pain in dogs as well.

In addition to the above, it is also worth noting that research is still ongoing into the possible links that CBD may have in reducing neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer. You will be happy to learn that alongside these, CBD has also been linked to possibly having medicinal properties that may help manage cancer, diabetes, pain relief as well as anxiety not only through the endocannabinoid system of humans but also pets such as dogs.

Overview of CBD products Available

At the moment there is a multitude of CBD products meant for human as well as for dogs plus the list keeps growing. There is even CBD for cats. In fact, CBD products have become such a hot commodity people have gotten caught onto them. Some of the most notable products include lotions, edibles, bath bombs, facial masks etc simply put, there isn’t a limit to the manner in which you can make use of CBD. Speaking of which, the most common way that’s been devised for using CBD is through oils. It is for this reason that oils for human and dogs are presently available in many different forms from liquid to those infused into products such as coconut oil.

There are 2 main types of CBD for dogs, there is the CBD isolate and then there is the CBD full spectrum oil. The former (CBD for dogs) is simply pure CBD with no additives or even any extra ingredients. Some people have a preference for this kind of oil simply because it is not associated with any unknown effects. It serves as a guarantee to only get CBD.

The latter however is preferred by many due to its entourage effect. These oils just so you know have other properties which enhance the CBD and also help deal with anxiety, pain and several other problems commonly experienced by users.

Everything taken into consideration, CBD is a form of medicinal marijuana that has THC component taken out. The end result is a non-toxic form. At the moment there are many users of the CBD oils which have helped many people who might have previously been hesitant about cannabis start off enjoying the benefits. So now regardless of what you are looking for, you now have a clear idea of exactly what CBD is all about as well as the Good that can come from it. In order to take advantage of the benefits that CBD carry all you need to do is simply to make it an alternative to your usual edibles.