Vedapulse as an Alternative Medicine

While the use of alternative medicine has drawn criticism from several regulating bodies like the Finnish Medical Association, its uptake has been on a steady increase the world over.

One of the latest discoveries in alternative medicine is Vedapulse, a heart ECG recording technology by Russian space physicist, Oleg Sorokin and a team of Indian Ayurvedic masters. The Vedapulse ECG recording system integrates complementary and alternative medicine for medical professionals to help in holistic medicine

It is a system that performs pulse rate analysis and heart rate analysis to provide data for alternative health practitioners that help them make diagnoses and recommendations. The practitioner needs to test the patient severally using the machine to monitor how they respond to the treatments.

How it works

Vedapulse hardware comes with a small and light box, with two wrists connected to the box using a special cable. The user connects the computer and the box via a USB cable.

Like any other software, you can easily install the software on a windows PC and start reading and recording test results.

Once you install the program in a computer, connect the Vedapulse then place your wrists on it for 5 minutes. It will measure the electrical activities of the heart and obtain all the health information. The system then provides rehabilitation options based on the state of health.

Vedapulse uses mathematical methods to analyze heart rate variability and estimate the state of different body organs, systems, and general health. It uses the HRV signal as the raw data input, before relaying it into time and frequency based on various parameters on the machine.

Even though the system measures several variables, heart rate variation is the primary variable.

Currently, there are a few concerns when working with the Vedapulse software as noted in a comprehensive study by Alex Duncan, Ph.D. You can only run the software on a computer with an operating system that can display the data in the Russian language. Also, vou have to learn the literature of HRV science to be able to interpret the different variables in the software like SDNN, RMSSD, and RRNN.


Medical doctors rely on Vedapulse as a supplementary adviser. It gives recommendations based on the results after the analysis of stress levels. Some of the rehabilitation one can opt for include food supplements, diet, herbs, and a lifestyle change if need be.

The system has a wide range of applications such as; by health coaches for assessing the functional state of the body, wellness center managers for express body function analysis, food supplement specialists for custom made products, and general home use.

Vedapulse is a complimentary service that can easily integrate with the other traditional alternative medicine in practice worldwide like Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Naturopathy, and Chinese or Oriental medicine.

Vedapulse technology currently has a robust technological backing in Russia and India, with indications of spreading to other countries like Finland


At the moment, Vedapulse is still in the development stage with several more tweaking to follow in future updates. There are plans to include other highly esoteric plugins and extensions for more accurate readings.

The fact that the system can integrate with the other alternative medicine options gives it a lifeline and likelihood of success.

Finally, the development in Vedapulse is an indication that the future of alternative medicine is bright. It only needs technological backup and the technical know-how by the operators for easy interpretation of data.