6 Interesting Plastic Surgery Facts

When you think of plastic surgery, what comes to mind? Do you imagine an aging movie star going under the knife to fight tooth and nail against the aging process? Maybe you think about a man who’s always hated his nose and decides to have plastic surgery to change it. Those are just a few scenarios involving plastic surgery. 

Plastic surgery can involve facial reconstruction because of a car accident. It can relate to the removal of a large birthmark from your back. In all cases, plastic surgery can change a person’s appearance and functioning capabilities. Interestingly, the name comes from the Greek word plastikos, which means to form or to mold. 

Today, there are many kinds of plastic surgery, and it’s common for everyday people to undergo surgery for cosmetic or health reasons. Whether it’s breast reduction, rhinoplasty, liposuction or anything in between, you’d be surprised to learn how many of your neighbors and coworkers have received plastic surgery. 

Some of the surgeries may even be unfamiliar to most people. 

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1 – Cosmetic Surgery: a Different Type of Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is just one form of plastic surgery. While cosmetic surgery focuses on enhancing your appearance, other forms of plastic surgery relate to the reconstruction of the body and facial defects because of burns, birth disorders, disease or trauma. Cosmetic surgery is elective. If a woman wants larger breasts or a man wants his jawline to look more chiseled, each receives cosmetic surgery. On the other hand, someone who requires reconstructive surgery because of facial abnormalities undergoes plastic surgery. Learning cosmetic surgery facts before you decide on a procedure can help you make an informed decision about whether or not you should have this type of surgery.

2 – Other Kinds of Plastic Surgery

People who want to become plastic surgeons can specialize in various subspecialties. Burn surgeons treat burn patients, repairing chronic scars and serious burn wounds. Cranio-maxillofacial surgeons deal with issues relating to the skull and delicate bones within the face. They also repair soft tissue areas, including cleft palates and cleft lips. Hand surgeons treat musculoskeletal problems, whether they are acquired, congenital or the result of trauma. These subspecialties are just a few options future plastic surgeons may choose to pursue.

3 – Ancient India is the Birthplace of Plastic Surgery

Most people have no idea that plastic surgery has its origins in Ancient India. Way back in 800 B.C. ancient Indian physicians were performing skin graft reconstructive surgeries on their patients. While Europe was late to the plastic surgery party, ancient eastern doctors regularly performed skin graft and reconstruction procedures. Eventually, the western world borrowed techniques from India and improved them. One example of this is an ancient Roman medical writer named Aulus Cornelius Celsus. He wrote a book called De Medicina, which outlined surgical procedures to reconstruct lips, ears and the


4 – America’s First Renowned Plastic Surgeon

Dr. John Peter Mettauer was America’s first important plastic surgeon. Mettauer was born in 1787 in Virginia and is remembered for performing the first cleft palate surgery using medical instruments he designed. This groundbreaking operation took place in 1827. 

5 – World War I Soldiers and Plastic Surgery

During World War I, plastic surgery became more sophisticated. This is because surgeons were confronted by catastrophic injuries the world had never seen before. Twentieth-century war weaponry created a host of horrific injuries requiring new developments in surgical reconstruction. Wounded soldiers suffered from destroyed jawbones, missing eyes, and nonexistent chins. Some soldiers had severe burns as well. These nightmarish injuries required plastic surgeons to elevate their surgical skills to meet the needs of the wounded.

6 – The Most Popular Plastic Surgeries

Many plastic surgeries are considered cosmetic procedures. Some of the more popular ones are breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, tummy tucks, and buttock augmentation. Some people choose to receive Botox injections, a procedure where a substance called botulinum toxin is injected into the body to temporarily paralyze the muscles. After a Botox session, your wrinkles disappear–at least for three to six months.

Plastic Surgery Isn’t Just for Movie Stars

Gone are the days when only famous actors and rock stars snuck through the back door of hospitals to get a nose reshaped or the spare tire removed from the waist. Today, plastic surgery is performed on everyday people like you and me. Whether its a simple nip and tuck or a complete facial reconstruction, plastic surgery improves the quality of life or satisfies our desires to be a new and improved person.

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